Jennifer Kleiman - Part 2


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Jennifer, carries on talking about how she reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, came off all her meds and stopped kidney disease in its tracks by switching to Keto. She has also set up a Keto candy company so that she can indulge her sweet tooth in a healthy way and allow others to do the same.

Jennifer is 48. She lives with her 3 cats, 2 dogs, 9 chickens, and 2 life partners about 10 minutes from the University of Georgia, on a beautiful piece of land with a stream, waterfalls, a quiet forest, massive gardens and a hobby orchard they've planted with blueberries, figs, pawpaws and pecan trees.  

Jennifer has struggled with obesity her whole life, as has her family.  Since starting keto in late 2015, she has lost 100 lbs and reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, got off all the drugs, her kidneys are back to normal and she is healthier than ever. 

Her two life partners also went keto to support her (they have been a triad for almost 20 years). Her partner Gloria, who is a famous sex therapist, has lost 25 lbs and her partner Will, who is a chef, he lost 180 lbs.  He discovered a passion for keto cooking and specifically keto candy, so last year they started a healthy low-carb candy company called Moons Grove Farms.

Jennifer also helps Karen Ogilvie with the Keto Science Alliance family of Facebook groups. They are big groups and Karen's doing a great job promoting a science-based, evidence-backed approach to keto that makes a ton of sense.  

Jennifer believes there are healthy ways to enjoy food, without triggering unhealthy eating habits or causing bad physical issues.  She has struggled with food addiction and doesn’t want to go back to that struggle, but she does want to enjoy life (and a wide variety of food) as much as possible without being unhealthy in any way, and share what she has found with others.


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