January Jazzing Keto Meals

(Jane) #1

I didn’t see a thread for January so starting this one.

(Jane) #2

Was in Fort Worth this week and had lunch in the Stockyards. Bacon wrapped filet mignon

(KM) #3

I discovered an amazing international market not too far from me. The prices aren’t much better than the grocery, but this place has Everything. An entire aisle of olives. Beef bile. Lamb liver. A 100’ fish counter with live tanks underneath. Frozen anchovies ranging from 1 cm to about 3". Fresh shiritaki noodles, whole jackfruit. Vegetables I’ve never seen for sale, a few I’ve never even heard of. A Korean aisle.
Central American. Imported from Europe, Africa, Japan. Four brands of fermented duck eggs. Fresh quail eggs.

It just went on and on. I was literally bug-eyed with excitement, I haven’t found this much exotic food in one place since I lived in NYC. I was a foodie for a long time, and there’s a world of food here I’ve never eaten.

Of course a lot of suspect processed foods, and loads of carb-centric stuff, but so much fresh keto friendly stuff too. I got 4 lbs of cubed goat and made an awesome Jamaican goat curry (served over shredded cabbage rather than rice and pigeon peas, only a small sacrifice). Yummmm!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love throwing a 20 oz ribeye in a pan, butter basting it and calling it a meal, but I was burning out on it. New world!

(Jane) #4

Very cool!

(Jane) #5

Bacon wrapped shrimp over jalapeño cole slaw with chipotle mayo drizzled over the top. Was delicious!

(Robin) #6

Picture perfect, as always.

(Jane) #7

Poblano peppers stuffed with 1/2 lb ground meat (seasoned with cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and salt).

Added 1/4 cup no-sugar Rao sauce, 4 oz cream cheese and stirred until cream cheese was melted.

Pre-cooked seeded, sliced peppers for 13 minutes, stuffed with meat mixture and topped with grated Gouda cheese.

Baked at 350 for 10 minutes. Yum