Ivor Cummins: An Engineering Guide to Chronic Disease Avoidance


(Eric) #1

Newbies and others,

If you haven’t listened to Ivor’s Cummins analysis of chronic disease risk you should. This was from KetoFest2018.

Some of this is a little technical but Ivor makes it understandable and near the end he gives practical advice for how to live a more healthy life. Enjoy. Thanks @carl @richard for KetoFest and all that you do.

(Bob M) #2

I saw the 2017 presentation by Ivor at Ketofest and thought it was great. I’ll have to make time to see this one.

(Ted) #3

Ivor has a gift for communication. 6 minutes, and he lays out the fundamentals of what the scientific research from the last couple of decades tells us about CVD.

(Bob M) #4

The only problem is that the short video only addressed LDL. The statinators/lipidologists would say that LDL is passe, and it’s LDL-p that is the current indicator. Ivor has another video addressing this, but it’s longer and more complex.


Do you have a link to the other video?