I've lost a lot of weight, wife gaining weight, doesn't believe in Keto - what to do?

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Oh, wow! You interested in adopting? :grin: :rofl: :grin:

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Well, yeah, because you’re excluding an entire food group from your diet. Yet the same people won’t see veganism as an eating disorder, because excluding the group of animal foods from the diet is moral and ethical and healthful.

Never mind the science involved.

(Excuse the sarcasm, please.)


I consider it multiple groups… Or none, keto allows anything, after all (though it’s very logical to almost skip the carbiest groups). I started with paleo (vegetarian paleo, of course, I avoided meat during that time), well that was without multiple entire food groups. But why that would be a problem, I got about all the nutrients I needed (surely it wasn’t perfect, I can’t get enough magnesium on any woe but it’s not too bad)… And that is what matters. Humans are super omnivores, they can have very different diets, choosing very different food groups…

I am pretty sure many people consider veganism an eating disorder :smiley: It’s so weird compared to the normal diet here… I considered it extreme but each to their own but now I heard about too many problems with it. I was considered a weirdo even as a vegetarian sometimes and there are lots of vegetarians here. (I probably was a weirdo even among them as I ate high-protein, high-fat, high-animal, very high calorie… The carbs changed. So when I went keto, I was very much used to going against things. My family was way better so I had no problem, really. Not like I ever cared about what others thought about my diet.)

I just wrote my side, I don’t argue, surely there are many who has the attitude you said and our countries are different too. I still consider low-fat weird or at least highly unusual and am amazed that there are countries where that is the norm… But people like tasty food often not caring about their health, why don’t they eat fatty? I even watched videos about obese, badly hedonistic people (I mean, short term hedonism, food they enjoy but make them sick. it’s NOT hedonistic if it damages our health. being health-conscious is a vital part of being a proper hedonist if you ask me) and they ate HCHF. Maybe the normal people are afraid of fat…? I understand there is propaganda but it’s still so very odd to me!

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I started Keto also because of Dr. Berg, accidentally I watched his video on youtube about fatty liver, I got fatty liver. Then I tried and I loved it.

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Youtube channel “Victoria’s Keto Kitchen” has keto recipes for every kind of food (including keto fried chicken, cookies, cakes and much, much more. Highly recommended.

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There is a trade off here: spend more money of food but less money on health care. Health care is WAY more expensive than food. Years ago, someone on this forum mentioned they were saving thousands of dollars a year by getting off their meds. I’d say the extra few bucks a week on food is worth that.

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Maybe I should try that. Mud is probably better than the chemicals in sunblock. :laughing:



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It’s also odd to me as well, I really can’t get it.

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Years ago I went keto for several months before my husband. At that point in time we both needed to lose at least 40 pounds. I liked the WOE and after a while I asked him if he wanted to try. He was game. I already cooked his breakfast and dinner but he would either need to carry lunch or be agreeable and hunt down a keto compatible lunch for it to work. That meant that sometimes his lunch was some combination of hard boiled eggs, cheese, nuts and/or cottage cheese because he hated carrying food to work and that was all you could find in convenience stores.

Longish story short, I took care of breakfast, dinner and treats, he scavanged for keto lunch and he steadily lost a pound and a half or so a week without hunger or a drop in energy.

My point is you didn’t mention if she expressed any interested in trying keto if you were to help her. Sometimes just the effort of planning how to eat to stay on plan puts a lot of people off.

And since she brought up costs, when you cut out snacking that cuts out excess food spending. It can add up. Additionally, when you eat nutritionally dense food mindfully you have a tendency to eat less in quantity over time.

Speaking as a 58 year old woman (although it applies to everyone after a while) women have to be more thoughtful about our eating habits as we age. It’s just a fact of life. Mindless snacking is just asking for trouble. Empty calories (you didn’t say what she snacks on but in America snacks aren’t nutritionally dense) leave a person hungry for real food.