It's official!

(Dustin Cade) #1

Today is mine and @chandra-lah one year Ketoversery!


:tada::tada::tada::tada: Congrats!! How are you celebrating? Because, this obviously calls for a celebration!


It would have to be bacon and eggs. Surely

(Dustin Cade) #4

Working loads of overtime… I did prep a bunch of boiled eggs, bacon and sausage patties to see me through…

(Khara) #5

Great job! And great job making it work even with the long work hours. I know how it’d be easy (or used to seem easier) to just snack on crap or order a pizza. But, once committed to Keto and with a little thought and planning we can easily make this work and it’s actually easier than the fast food!


I’m seven weeks in and can’t even imagine a year yet. Congratulations on your continued success.

(Sheri Knauer) #7

Congratulations! I’ll have some bacon today in celebration!

(Linda Culbreth) #8

CELEBRATE:! :bacon: celebrate! :bacon: