It's all about the food at our house at Christmas!

(suzanna) #1

Thankfully all our traditional meals are easily keto friendly! I’ll post photos as I cook, but thought I’d list our menus in case anyone is looking for menu ideas!
Christmas Eve:
Swedish meatballs made with ground pork, lamb and beef, cream, eggs, spices and beef stock. Served with cucumber salad (thinly shaved cukes, sour cream, fresh dill, apple cider vinegar and a ouch of sweetener. Trust me the combo is so good that I can’t eat the meatballs without the salad…

Christmas breakfast:
Smoked salmon and cream cheese in endive boats with capers, pickles and red onion

Christmas dinner:
Prime Rib, spinach salad, collard greens and green beans

Keto cheese cake for dessert!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

Yum! Enjoy.

(rawethe) #3

Comin over!! :smiley:

I’m making my Cmas meal tonight, I’m doing thin, boneless porkchop rolls, around cream cheese/spinach. Parmesan brussel sprouts with bacon with it. And I made a brownie cheesecake with raspberry drizzle for dessert.

For tomorrow, I am going to a friends who is having a mexican taco bar. Should be easy enough to stay keto. I’m bringing keto chocolate cookies that I made today, and maybe also a size dish of cauliflower mexican rice. Maybe a cheese/sausage platter for snacking. It will be a good day! But I’m awfully jealous of that prime rib! Yum!

(suzanna) #4

Your menu sounds fabulous ! Just sent hubby to the store for a second prime rib roast for the freezer…at $4.88 per pound at Safeway couldn’t pass up the deal!