Is too much omega 3 EPA & DHA bad?


Just to clarify,I dont mean the plant precursor to epa & dha,I mean things like cod liver,salmon,sardines etc.Is it problem if I eat alot fat fish? I know too much omega 6 causes inflamation,but what about omega 3? Its still pufa aka poly unsaturated fat,it have alot double carbon bonds that are easily oxidised.

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All this PUFA stuff is very complicated and I don’t fully understand it by any means but as I get it, they area all “essential” because we need it and can’t make it. We need O6 FAs too to run necessary bodily processes. The thing about O3s is that roughly, they are protective of the bad effects of excess O6s so you want to have it in a high ratio to that e.g. about 1:1 if possible, which not only requires eating more O3 but much less O6 than we are typically exposed to. Too much O6 will do too much of what it is meant to do (e.g. control/overstimulate inflammatory response). The bad thing about industrial seed oils etc. (which we think of as the providers of PUFAs) is that they have a very high O6 % and very little O3… so you keep eating the fish and as much (good) EHA and DHA as you can. @atomicspacebunny will tell you until you cry mercy that quality is everything especially in fish oil pills, many of which seem to be old and rancid and thus ineffective. Therefore, fresh fish is extra good!

For reference on how complex it is… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

I’m trying to eat more smoked mackerel since I love it, it’s a high source of O3 and I don’t want to take another supplement if I can avoid it :nauseated_face:

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Dr. Berg jumped the gun on this one lol!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Canned Sardines (Part 2 Update): Even More Surprising: In this video, Dr. Berg talks about an update to his video titled Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Canned Sardines. He talks about the how it is true that canned sardines and canned tuna do have Omega 3 fatty acids.

• Sardines (DHA) – 788mg / 85g
• Sardines (EPA) – 742mg / 85g

• Tuna (DHA) – 57mg / 56g
• Tuna (EPA) – 41mg / 56g

Sardines has 13x higher DHA than the Tuna.
Tuna has 18x higher EPA than the Sardines.


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Didnt you make mistake? The numbers show that Sardines have both DHA & EPA higher!

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Omega-3 capsules certainly do get oxidized, as do other supplemental forms. And consuming the oxidized versions is not good for you. Your body, on LCHF has potent antioxidants that are protecting the fragile lipids from oxidative damage. But yeah, probably can go wonky.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting their 3:6 balance to the point where they were in a problem state due to 3s. 6’s are so common that I can’t even imagine getting to the 3 heavy side of the imbalance.


I don’t think your going to overdo it unless you’re just being crazy with your intake. If you look at some of the Doc’s recommending some of the higher doses of 3’s for medicinal benefits I don’t think your gonna get near that. Every use case is different but personally I don’t worry about it. I take my 3’s (bout 5g/day) and I do great.

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I think you’re liable to run into other issues before you get a problem with Omega 3 intake. Like heavy metal accumulation from all the wild fishies you’d have to eat to get there.