Is this Keto freindly (humor)

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That is horrifying! Do they serve it with an insulin chaser?



In some nutritional studies, the health results of eating this kind of garbage would be cited as the reason high-fat is dangerous b/c very often anything high-fat (regardless of how much sugar is in it) gets lumped into same category as - say - broccoli with butter on it or a fatty steak. I just saw a study out of China that concluded that lchf is worse than lfhc because they added extra soybean oil to the cookies of those in the lchf group and those poor folks with soybean-oil laden cookies did worse than the folks with just plain cookies.

Anyway… this horrible concoction also it has preservatives (parabens, propylene glycol) that many folks avoid putting on their skin much less into their mouths. Wow.


Makes me so glad I never went in for those kind of “treats”. It is good to be a saltoholic instead of a sugarholic. :joy:

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Why in god’s name do people do this?


Even my calories counting friends are horrified by this! Lol

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Why in god’s name do people do this?[/quote]

Why not? Well, now we know some very good reasons not to do it, but there was a day, not so long ago, when I’d have ordered two of those bad boys. I confess it looks mighty good to me now. Still wrapping my head around the fact that it’s really poison to me.

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yea I was thinking the same thing my younger self would have not blinked at a couple of them and if they were good enough I would have several a week. My old roommate’s father owned 2 Baskin and Robin’s.


@tekgeek same here!

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The fat content looks pretty good…

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Made my teeth hurt to look at it, but on the flip side, it’s only 301g Net Carbs or 15 days of Keto Eating!!! LOL
And I used to like Heath bars but not that much FFS.

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:disappointed_relieved: really sad thing is, a year ago, I’d have had two of those!

Now, when I see it, I think of this…

It’s in my pantry. I added the sticker. Pretty much sums it up.

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That same sticker reminds me of this menu some sent me from a business dinner.

Strictly speaking, Keto or not?

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Here is a cleaned list of ingredients. Amazing amount of stuff. I love “natural artificial flavors” lot’s of weird chemical agents in there.

annatto color
caramel color
caramel praline topping
caramel ribbon
carob bean gum
cellulose gum
coconut oil
cocoa butter
coffee extract
corn syrup
dairy butter
disodium phosphate
fudge topping
guar gum
heath bar crunch ice cream
heath® bar candy pieces milk chocolate
hershey’s® heath® milk chocolate english toffee
high fructose corn syrup
hydrogenated coconut oil
jamoca extract
jamoca ice cream
milk chocolate
milk fat
mixed tocopherols
modified corn starch
modified food starch
mono & diglycerides
mono diglycerides
natural artificial flavor
natural artificial flavors
natural artificial vanilla flavors
nonfat dry milk
nonfat milk
palm oil
polysorbate 80
potassium sorbate
potassium sorbate methyl paraben
potassium sorbate propyl paraben as preservatives
propellant: nitrous oxide
propyl paraben
propylene glycol
reduced fat milk
sodium alginate
sodium bicarbonate
sodium citrate
soy lecithin
soy lecithin an emulsifier
sweetened condensed whole milk
toffee base
treated with alkali
vanillin an artificial flavoring
vitamin e
whey powder
whipped cream
xanthan gum