Is there such thing as too much of a calorie deficit?


True. I read in the Obesity Code that when someone starts to fast that their metabolism doesn’t slow down, it ramps up. I don’t know if it stays up past day 3 of no food. It makes sense for your body to give you more energy to catch that next meal so that you survive.

I was curious as to where the extra energy comes from after you used up your body’s available fat reserves for the day. Autophagy? Does your body go after the protein from the muscles that you’re not using? I’d love to find out. Just not sure how.


Agreed. Some days it says that I burned over 5k calories which I find hard to believe. And it’s usually when I’m sitting around playing poker,not doing anything physically demanding. I know that I’m using energy to think and strategize, but 5k calories seems a little excessive.

I once played in an all day tournament and ‘burned’ over 6k! That was a Fitbit record.