Is there ANY psyllium husk brand that doesn't turn purple?

(Sophie) #25

Got no clue! I’d just go to YouTube and look for HighFalutin Low Carb. :smile:

eta: Ahhh, you must be on a tablet. :blush:

(John) #27

To be honest I didn’t especially care for the rolls. I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out pretty much like they look in the videos and photos. They were best when fresh out of the oven, with lots of butter on them. They do OK cut in half and toasted, also with butter.

There is a little bit of a gritty texture from the psyllium, and they don’t smell especially bread-like. Which is good, I guess - if I loved them I might be tempted to eat too many. As it stands, they work as an occasional replacement for toast with my eggs and bacon.


Hmmm…Mine don’t have flax seed.

The psyllium can have a gritty texture, but again, brands vary wildly. The first I tried was very gritty, Bob’s Red Mill isn’t. But it turns purple, dang it.

So I bought some of that Konsyl and that batch is in the oven now. I had no idea this stuff was all over the pharmacy. They had tons of brands.


I think I’m gonna cry!!! It’s not PURPLE!!! Thank you all!!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

That looks like a real whole wheat roll. I gotta try them again with the new brand.


Seriously! I’ve been buying fancy psyllium from Amazon. Who knew the corner drugstore had the good stuff??

Also, this brand was not gritty, so yay!


This is crazy. Right now I’m eating one of these rolls and drinking a Carl’s no-carb beer.

We can make anything keto if we put our minds to it!!!

(Candy Lind) #33

Worse. My lowly iPhone 6s. :exploding_head:

(Candy Lind) #34

You want bread-like smell? Add a teaspoon or so of yeast to the mix. You might want to add it to the liquid ingredients early on so it develops just a bit. It won’t help with leavening since it’s not going to eat sugar & make gas bubbles, but that smell we all love will be there.

(Candy Lind) #35

NIX THAT! I forgot this is one of the recipes where you use boiling water. Put the yeast in with the eggs & vinegar after the other ingredients have had a chance to dissipate the heat.

(Heather Meyer) #36

I use the psyllium husk in bulk from the Bulk Barn.

(Sophie) #37

Love it! So glad the brand worked for you. Something else I do to eliminate the gummyness inside is I leave them in my oven to cool. Just turn the oven off at 65-70mins and keep the door shut for about another 30-45mins until it cools down. It seems to make the interior more bread like.


Exactly! I bake these at a slightly lower temp (my over runs hot) for up to 90 minutes, then let them cool in the oven.


Does the bulk psyllium turn purple?

(KCKO, KCFO) #40

Most of them do. I found [Viva Naturals Organic Psyllium Husk Powder - Fiber Support, Ultra Fine for Easy Mixing, 24 oz] to work very well. I love my keto buns. They look just like they are made of whole grain wheat instead of almond flour and psyllium husks. My husband is very sensitive to Psyllium husk, so I use less than most recipes call for, no problems for either of us that way.

Now Brand had been recommended but it turned the rolls an ugly purple, not a toasty brown color.


Try this. It’s simple and works well!


I haven’t tried it but maybe it might work…