Is there an off-label use of statins for T2D, and why?

(KM) #1

My husband A has T2D. He can control his diabetes with Metformin, although he’s pushing for the designer drug Rybelsus. We moved recently and now he has a new doctor. NewDoc wants him to go on statin therapy because of the increased risk of heart disease for diabetics, but not, he says, specifically to lower cholesterol. Mind you, A hasn’t even had his preliminary blood draw yet, so this Dr’s advice is apropos of absolutely nothing but A’s assertion that he’s diabetic, based on his past history. (I don’t doubt the diagnosis, but NewDoc has absolutely no data yet and is already reaching for the prescription pad.)

If you remember me from other posts you’ll know I have my teeth bared already, lol. Here we go, the prescription treadmill for old geezers, whether they need it or not.

I’m definitely anti-statin, because I disagree with pretty much all the cholesterol science out there unless you’re getting as far down as an LDL-C count, which is highly unlikely. I’m waiting on labs for the the trig-HDL ratio, which probably will be available. Still, I don’t know how to counter the suggestion to go on a statin if it’s NOT to tweak cholesterol levels. What other reason is there to take a statin?

Aside, I feel I know how to treat diabetes, with diet, specifically with ketogenic diet, but my husband’s basic MO isn’t really conducive to that approach. I’m excited about making myself as healthy as possibly by the food I eat, even if a more indulgent diet might be nicer. He’s excited about every bite being as “nice” as possible, throwing in some processed food with keto on the label for good measure. Don’t get me started, but I’m not his Mom. The only reason I’m in this game is because he told NewDoc I’m anti-statin, so now NewDoc wants to talk to me. I can argue a long time about the lack of solid science between cholesterol level and heart disease, but if you take the cholesterol level out of the argument … I …um … why are you advising a statin???

So anyway, I’m asking this here because I know a lot of you have or had T2D, and some of you are the smartest people I know. What say you???

(Robin) #2

I believe statins may help with inflammation too. But it’s always an n=1 experience for all of us. I have not heard of using them for diabetes. But my knowledge is limited to my own experience and what I pick up in this forum.
So many wise souls here.
Best of luck to your husband!

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Personally, I wouldn’t take a statin for Type II diabetes, since one of the potential side effects is—you guessed it—Type II diabetes. So I don’t know what this doctor is on about, unless he works for a pharmaceutical company that makes a statin.

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I just wouldn’t take one full stop :flushed:

(Michael) #5

That is the ■■■■ standard of care. Inflammation is the poor reason it is prescribed, but as @PaulL notes, it increases IR and increases blood sugars, so it is the last thing they should prescribe a diabetic without lipid concerns. Doctor is a standard buffoon like so many who follow drug prescriptions and not patients health.


Rybelsus isn’t a Statin, it’s Semaglutide, hardly a designer drug, it’s a Peptide. It’s an extremely effective one at that. Originally it was designed for Diabetics as it lowers blood glucose and it’s also now approved for fat loss as it severely lowers appetite. It’s literary amazing, I use it myself and have for a while now. You should have zero issues with him taking that. It’s also showing promise in the longevity space.