Is there an Ivor Cummins or Dave Feldman equivalent for thyroid science?


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After some recent test results, I’ve been consulting Dr Google on causes/risks/treatments for hypothyroid (Hashimotos). I’m finding little beyond official guidelines or sites big on theories and light on data/science. Is there anyone out there who really digs into the science and reports on it like Cummins or Feldman?

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None that I have seen. However the Keto Woman podcasts have had a few people who have waded through the experience and reported it. Including Daisy.

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You can maybe take a look here
Just a suggestion for Dr. Wentz

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Thanks. I’ve started taking a look at her stuff.


I’ve been trying to figure out if folks who recommend taking large doses of iodine are onto something or not. It’s worth taking a look and deciding for yourself.

There’s an iodine thread here. See:


Yes, there is! Dr Theodore Friedman. He’s a clinical researcher at the Charles Drew University in Los Angeles. But he sees patients part time in the evenings. His website is and he has a lot of informative articles on that site. He also occasionally does web broadcasts in which he talks for 30-60 minutes about various endocrine disease topics. There should be info available on his website on how you can sign up for that.

He’s the doctor who diagnosed me (finally!) with Late Onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia…after for almost 15 years other doctors telling me that my symptoms were all in my head. My sister has seen him for her hypothyroidism and she’s doing really well on the different medications that he recommended she switch to.

He published a book several years ago called “The Everything Guide to Thyroid Disease.” It’s available on Amazon.

He’s an amazing doctor. One of the best physicians I’ve encountered EVER. He’s an expert in hard-to-treat endocrine disorders. He himself has Hashimoto’s.

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She is not a doctor, but maybe try Shawn Mynar’s website.


If you look at 18th slides in this presentation you will see that paleomedicina claims that hashimodos is one of the conditions that they claim to have treated with their diet. In the 15th slide they show the permeability after 2 months.

So not what you are asking for, but it seems that they are doing some of the work and have some of the results but they do not seem to have published any papers on it.