Is there an app yet?


Would be so awesome if I could post photos and text right from my phone!

edit: I mean an app for the keto forums.

(John Cotter) #2

You’re looking for the Discourse app. You can add this site with that app.

Android -

iOS -


Oh, awesome. Thanks so much!

(Dustin Bowen) #4

One thing that I have noticed when using the app on iOS is that it will log you out of the forum (when logged in using FB) if you close the browser within the app or close the app completely. Not a big deal but it can be a pain if you always close down your apps when you are done using them. If you leave the app and browser open you will stay logged in the whole time.


Good to know.

(A Very Hungry Bunny) #6

It just lets you see notifications, right? In mine, it just sends me to the mobile site.

(John Cotter) #7

It’s a wrapper around the mobile site to allow native app functionality like notifications.


I have downloaded the discourse app for iPad, now i have to “add my first site”. And there is no search option, i must type something manually. What do I type to add the ketogenic forums?

(Tony Parrack) #9

Same issue as above?

(Tony Parrack) #10

You put in the webpage address,