Is There a Way to get a Transcript of a 2KD Podcast?

(Bob ) #1

I was interested in Doc Nally’s talk on the 2KD podcast this week, episode #172,

I went to the show’s page on the 2ketodudes web page, but there isn’t one.

Is there any way to get a readable transcript? Software generated would be fine. Or software I can get?

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #2

(⚕ ⚕) #3

Manual transcription is expensive. When the Dudes post their podcasts to YouTube, YT provides an AI-generated transcript that is surprisingly good. However, I see that 2KD haven’t uploaded an episode since #151. After YT provides the transcription, it looks like this:


I find it very handy when available.