Is the “too much protein turns to sugar” a myth?

(Jane) #243

I look back on a previous attempt to do Atkins in 2004 and after the initial 20 lbs I stalled for 3 months. I didn’t know about fasting or limiting my eating windows and not snacking because none of these are addressed in Atkins. I also never increased my carbs above the induction phase.

I did not eat any additional fat so the fat I got was in the meat/cheese/dairy I ate. This should have been better, right? Less plate fat/burn body fat. Except I didn’t.

There was no limit on protein - just carbs - and I ate a LOT of protein. I wonder now if I am one of those whose blood sugar rises more than typical with protein?

With keto I don’t eat as much protein nor get sick of the food since I am eating a lot more fat, including my sacred BPC!

It was probably a combination of things back in 2004 and I had no support community like this one to help me figure it out.

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #244

That’s the most likely. I wonder if perhaps you weren’t getting enough calories, also. Just thinking out loud.

(Jane) #245

Yeah, could be. It still bothers me and I wish I knew. Can’t go back now and just thankful I found keto and this forum and you good folks

(Jeremy Wheatley) #246

Protein is the last resort energy source. It’s also the hardest macro to convert as well as the only macro your body doesn’t store… So, as long as your body has the required fat intake the amount of protein you intake is pretty irrelevant because there is no reservoir for your body to pull from.

(Justin Jordan) #247

Limansky’s is covered in excruciating detail in the KetohackingMD podcast - the only thing you mention that isn’t covered is the insulin/glucagon ration, but glucagon is discussed.