Is MCT oil needed?

(Bill Pratt) #1

Hey everyone. Just a quick question. Looking to see if your opinion of MCT oil is necessary, helpful, hurtful, or a waste of money? I have been putting it in a coffee in the morning. Also, is it something you can or should take more than once a day? My internet research has me confused. Thanks everyone.

(Stylee) #2

I don’t use it myself but I’ve read that it’s good for keto. If you’re just putting it in coffee surely you’re not using too much. It’s important to get a balanced mix of fats, my go to oils are EVOO, coconut, bacon grease, butter and I supplement a high dose of triple strength fish oil. I use sesame oil in small small quantities for flavor and sometimes avocado oil. Use coconut and bacon grease for frying and cooking, olive oil for low temperature or pouring over food. Best of luck on your journey.

(Carl Keller) #3

I do believe MCT can have a positive effect on your brain health and there’s numerous claims that it can have other positive effects on your health. But I don’t use it.

I do however, use a few teaspoons of coconut oil (from which MCT is derived) per day, both in my coffee and for cooking and I do notice somewhat of a brain buzz afterward, where I feel mentally sharper and have a much better attitude and focus.

Do we have to take it? Not to be successful on keto. Restricting processed foods and sugars and eating good whole foods will do the trick. There’s lots of people who do not take MCT or CO and are very successful on keto. In fact, MCT and CO sometimes don’t agree with some people’s digestive system.

Thomas DeLauer loves MCT. Here’s his take on the subject:

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(linda) #5

I have had successful results with MCT oil - although it is not necessary for Keto as stated, but I have found cognitive clarity, energy and elimination improved considerably. So I vote yes! - at least for me! I am a big believer!

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #6

I used MCT in my Bulletproof coffee for the first 8 weeks before I became fat adapted, then I never bought it again or felt that I needed it.
I do cook with coconut oil though.

(Allie) #7

Not at all.


I only use mine if I don’t feel like making lunch and want to make my coffee an extra fatty to make up for it, but once it’s used up I probably won’t buy another bottle. Like the others said, it’s unnecessary.

(bulkbiker) #9

Vote number 2 waste of money…


You can be in nutritional ketosis without it, that’s for sure. So it can’t be “needed”.

Some people want it, … I can’t say more I’ve never tried it.

(Duncan Kerridge) #11

Vote 3

(Bill Pratt) #12

Well, the bottle is almost gone. Think I got my answer. You guys are awesome. Much appreciated. I watched that video… He does love his MCT.

(Ethan) #13

I use it for two things:

(1) the help heavy cream froth
(2) quick energy with my coffee before a workout

(Scott) #14

I use a tablespoon in my coffee so a jug lasts about five months. I like having a cup before my weekend fasted run. Is it required I would say no but I just bought a new jug.

(Stylee) #15

I had never heard about the frothing thing. That’s cool. :sunglasses:

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I’d be vote 4, except a lot of folks seem to get a good boost of energy and mental clarity. So I’d say it’s completely unnecessary but not necessarily a waste of money.

TBH: it’s a processed food product. In the history of the world, has that ever ended well?

(Bob M) #17

MCT oil is very bad for me, even at levels of teaspoons. I’ve dried the dried MCT oil, and I can handle that. However, after using the bottle, I did not see the need for it. It does not seem to deepen my level of ketosis (and I’m not sure that would be good if it did). I also did not achieve any extra mental clarity or energy I could determine anyway, but I also did not use much and have been on a low carb diet for 5 years.

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Roll with coconut oil, which contains MCT oil, and not aggressively. Different fats have different benefits, but don’t be a millipede thinking how to dance. Mix it in when it’s delicious, and enjoy myriad other foods at other times.

MCT is overhyped, because, well, marketing.

(James) #19

I like the flavor of unrefined coconut oil. I use to put it in my blended coffee almost every morning. I’d blend a TBSP of it, along with heavy cream, and sea salt…so good!

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I’m not a big fan of supplements, on general principle. If these things are necessary to survive your diet, then perhaps you need to eat a better diet. :bacon: