Is it worth it to be a keto health coach

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Would be a huge red flag to many people…


I do not really know what to think.


in what way a red flag do ya think? just wondering, I mean many get certifications from ALL kinds of places to get certifications, would Dr. B mean something else in any way? I think a known name certification would be a good thing.

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Berg’s only a chiropractor, no longer practicing, who got in trouble in Virginia for outright quackery. He does no research, and at best is an aggregator and marketer of what other people say. He’s in business to make money off of videos, and to support Scientology, with all the negatives there associated.

Berg says nothing that isn’t available elsewhere, and is wrong plenty of times in his videos.

And I do mean outright quackery:smile:


ohhhhhh hmmmmm
I don’t know how to answer back to that kinda
ok cool
thanks for that info tho!

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This was a larger discussion: What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto?

Plenty there.

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Yes, some lawyer, somewhere, is going to convince some judge that you are practicing without a license.

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Eminem, I’m quite critcal of Berg for several reasons, but aside from all that - if this is something that he’s trying to charge money for, then good grief - please stay away from sending him money. :neutral_face:


Note even remotely worth it, aside from Keto’rs being a huge minority even with Keto’s fad status the last couple years there is no such thing (in real life) as a “Keto Coach”. If you want to help people get a nationally recognized personal training certification and (unofficially) give some nutritional tips like all of them do.

I’m sorry but that’s laughable, Dr Berg is a moron and had no real nutrition training. He’s a Chiropractor that copies other peoples videos after the fact and very conveniently defies logic on a regular basis. He gives advise on things he clearly doesn’t do himself and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.


Thanks at least for not having me waste my time.


What about a keto consultant for a company? Would that be easier that to start my own buisness?


I’d say most companies would want to stay away from it. Aside from us being beyond a minority to begin with, once Keto’s fad status crashes (which it’s overdo for) there will be even less of us. It could also be a huge liability for larger businesses to recommend keto since it defy’s mainstream medicines views on many things. Telling somebody to eat 5x the amount of sodium they’re supposed to (which isn’t even really a keto thing, more like a thing people just do), raise their cholesterol etc… I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near it, tons of insurance or not. Just a huge risk from every angle. Plus, most people that look into it would very quickly find out they can find everything they want online for free.

No shortage of people tried to make a business out of “coaching” keto, I’ve yet to see it work so far. The only reason it works for “nutritionists” is because they’re accepted by the mainstream and insurance will pay them. You think anybody would pay out of pocket for somebody to tell them to eat less McDonalds and more real whole foods? The biggest nutritional moron alive already knows that much. One of the reasons Paleo got so huge when it did was Crossfit trainers, they were whipping people into shape and recommended that WOE, people saw the results and it spread like wildfire. That’s the best way to go about it, but aside from also training people I can’t see a situation where it could work.


I mean more like a company of health coaches that are alternative.

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Virta Health has coaches. Maybe you could check them out.

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Insulin IQ also has coaches and having heard some of the coaches speak, I’d recommend it as a site to get personal low carb/keto/metabolic health coaching. They must have a pathway of recruiting and training and mentoring coaches, but I’d assume these coaches already have qualifications in health.

Dietdoctor offers a free course for health practitioners which is such a great offer I reckon. It’s a 3 hour CME I believe.

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I think Kevin Stock has instructors on his meat health site. But it is carnivore based. Either way, there are opportunities out there.


I’m with ya, but same issue. When you’re giving “health advise” that contradicts mainstream medical advise you’re opening yourself up for a world of pain. People will do the same thing to you they do to doctors, nod their head and say “ok” then do the total opposite, eat way too many junk carbs, eat way to much fat, create a horrible situation that their doc will pick up on, then blame you. That’s why going the personal trainer situation is much safer, then you give “advise” but since you’re also training them you know their actually taking their health seriously.

Most people that see docs don’t listen, most that consult with nutritionists don’t listen, most who work with personal trainers do since their being seen constantly and it’s automatically accountability. Plus, your work would go a lot further with them that way.

I’ve considered doing exactly that, I’ve held personal training certs in the past (long since dead) but between fattening myself up, leaning out, getting back (most) of my muscle In a couple years I’ve gone from 300lbs of blubber, to currently 225lbs (for now) at around 10% BF at my guess (last DEXA was 11.5%) couple months back, I feel I’m very qualified to help people. Problem is there’s not a great amount of money to be made doing it. Very fulfilling, but that doesn’t pay the bills. I definitely think there’s a need, but the way the world works, it’s a huge risk as well. If I did do it I definitely would leave the word keto and ketosis out of it. Call it lower carb and you’d probably be fine. But also keep in mind, the people that want to pay a website and not do things face to face (usually) aren’t as serious about stuff and aren’t ready for the accountability.


Does it require a certificate or degree? Does it have stable money? I do not live in the US. Do you know health coaching work I could do remotely?


Does it require a degree or is a certificate enough? Does it have stable work? I also do not live in the US. Do you know of any health coaching work I can do remotely?


if you are not US then you best check into what laws/policies/liability and more come into play on what you do want to achieve cause I don’t think ‘being internet’ exempts you from all ya know in all forms?
see this is stuff I truly don’t know LOL Diff. countries hold values on websites differently don’t they? IDK but just a thought