Is it worth it to be a keto health coach


I mean more like a company of health coaches that are alternative.

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Virta Health has coaches. Maybe you could check them out.

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Insulin IQ also has coaches and having heard some of the coaches speak, I’d recommend it as a site to get personal low carb/keto/metabolic health coaching. They must have a pathway of recruiting and training and mentoring coaches, but I’d assume these coaches already have qualifications in health.

Dietdoctor offers a free course for health practitioners which is such a great offer I reckon. It’s a 3 hour CME I believe.

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I think Kevin Stock has instructors on his meat health site. But it is carnivore based. Either way, there are opportunities out there.


I’m with ya, but same issue. When you’re giving “health advise” that contradicts mainstream medical advise you’re opening yourself up for a world of pain. People will do the same thing to you they do to doctors, nod their head and say “ok” then do the total opposite, eat way too many junk carbs, eat way to much fat, create a horrible situation that their doc will pick up on, then blame you. That’s why going the personal trainer situation is much safer, then you give “advise” but since you’re also training them you know their actually taking their health seriously.

Most people that see docs don’t listen, most that consult with nutritionists don’t listen, most who work with personal trainers do since their being seen constantly and it’s automatically accountability. Plus, your work would go a lot further with them that way.

I’ve considered doing exactly that, I’ve held personal training certs in the past (long since dead) but between fattening myself up, leaning out, getting back (most) of my muscle In a couple years I’ve gone from 300lbs of blubber, to currently 225lbs (for now) at around 10% BF at my guess (last DEXA was 11.5%) couple months back, I feel I’m very qualified to help people. Problem is there’s not a great amount of money to be made doing it. Very fulfilling, but that doesn’t pay the bills. I definitely think there’s a need, but the way the world works, it’s a huge risk as well. If I did do it I definitely would leave the word keto and ketosis out of it. Call it lower carb and you’d probably be fine. But also keep in mind, the people that want to pay a website and not do things face to face (usually) aren’t as serious about stuff and aren’t ready for the accountability.


Does it require a certificate or degree? Does it have stable money? I do not live in the US. Do you know health coaching work I could do remotely?


Does it require a degree or is a certificate enough? Does it have stable work? I also do not live in the US. Do you know of any health coaching work I can do remotely?


if you are not US then you best check into what laws/policies/liability and more come into play on what you do want to achieve cause I don’t think ‘being internet’ exempts you from all ya know in all forms?
see this is stuff I truly don’t know LOL Diff. countries hold values on websites differently don’t they? IDK but just a thought


Thanks, Fangs.

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Just a thought. How many of the members of this forum would consider going to a keto coach?

I know that I am happy to take the support from (as well as offer support to) other members here when I feel the need but I wouldn’t pay for a coach. I briefly joined Meat Rx (now Revero dot com) but did not feel that I would want to pay even as little as $10 a month for the privilege of continuing that.

When considering becoming a keto coach @eminem_44 have you considered who your target market might be?

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I’m not sure what the meat health academy prerequisites are. Have a look at the site and see if what the requirements are for mentors. They provide the training to qualified applicants.

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I have a couple of friends who are “certified” Life Coaches. I think there are many ways to get certified, but don’t know. Anyway, my friends are both keto friendly and incorporate nutrition as a big part of their focus. But you would lasso need to be well versed in other “life” stuff. Like relationships, etc.


Would people consider going to a health coach who is well rounded and knows about all sorts of diets and lifestyle like acupressure and natural remedies?

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Up in Canada, we have naturopaths that provide that sort of natural treatment. The naturopathic clinics, often have a naturopath, an acupuncture or acupressure practitioner, and often a massage therapist and/or chiropractor. It is usually covered under our extended health care.


I am talking more about online health coaches…


Yep to what OldDoug said - beat me to it, and said it more succinctly than I would have. :wink: