Is Gluconeogenesis real, or not?


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But 80% can be glucose or ketones. 20% must be glucose. (My understanding from not-particularly-deep reading).

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no thats good always thought 600cals of glucose so if much less makes the argument better that carbs not needed !

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Gluconeogenesis is real, compared to sensible politics and also good reality television - both of which are, decidedly, mythical creatures.

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Getting my protein dialed in has helped me feel better overall. Seems like I could tolerate higher protein during loss and early weight maintenance. Now almost 5 years in maintenance, I need to moderate my protein a lot more.

Not sure if its a glucose thing (maybe, during my testing) or just a body requirement. Glad to be away from the high protein shake/bars and weight maintainers who push super high protein. Ughhhhh! Painful as I get belly bloating and feel terrible.

Glad word is getting out.

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Can you explain the term “ketogenic proteins”?


A chart of the amino acids and their ability to be converted to ketones and/or glucose can be found here:
Scroll down to “amino acid potential”.

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Wow this is SO cool!! I love this website!! Such interesting science specific to keto. Thank you for providing the link!

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GNG is more real than a lot of things. It’s why your blood sugar may read high (100-120) even on a very low carb diet. My doc said not to worry as long as insulin is low.

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(giggle, snort)


I hate dogmatic groups who think one size macros fits all. They don’t! Any group who gets defensive of you asking questions isn’t worth being a part of. I believe macros are a very individualized calculation, you can’t use someone elses macros and expect to get the same results as they do, that’s like trying to use someone else’s foundation color and expecting to have flawless looking skin. There are camps that preach “don’t have too much protein, it’ll turn into glucose” and then there are other groups who preach higher protein because they say your muscles will waste away if you don’t hit x grams of protein. It’s all BS! I’ve seen groups that use a standard height and weight chart that shows what your macros “should be”. That may be a place to start, but that is by no means a good way to figure out what your macros actually should be. It drives me crazy when these groups are so dogmatic and mean to their members if you have a different opinion of what’s right for you and they can be downright mean, nasty, and condescending about it. I was told that I shouldn’t check my blood ketones in one group (who I quickly unfollowed) because it was a “waste of money” and “unnecessary”. I didn’t ask for their opinion on whether or not I should be testing my blood ketones, I was asking for information on what my results meant (going from 1.5 to 0.6 the next day). They were rude and judgemental about my question and I will never be a part of a group like that again.


I was kicked out of a certain facebook group after responding to an admins post on how keto’ers should not listen to their doctors when the dr suggests certain drugs. Now, I’m not advocating weight loss drugs however I find it dangerous for someone to rally against medical professionals without any merit. my post was deleted immediately and when I asked about it I was kicked out… umm ok? Lol, bye? The problem is how can you have thoughtful discussion when you can’t take an alternative position, easy… you can’t


I think I may also have left one of these FB groups after a similar situation!

I just finished reading Fat For Fuel by Mercola, and he says something like too much protein activates the mTOR pathway and leads to chronic inflammation and everything that goes with that. And he has some ratio, something like 1g of protein per kg of lean body mass (if I remembered that right, it might not be) and it all seems to be about not just counting carbs but also counting protein… and I was like WOAH, it’s hard enough to count carbs and eat enough fat, without obsessing about the protein too.

So how important is this??