Is Fat the Key?


So this might be kind of jumbled thoughts, but I have a almost 2 and a half year old.

So, when she was younger, they talk about making sure to feed them whole milk not low fat milk because fat is important for their brains. (Side note: so we know its good for kids and are told its good for kids brains but all of the sudden it becomes bad at some point? I digress…) Also, breast milk has super high fat content, so we know fat is good for kids.

So last night, my kid DEVOURED the shredded beef roast with butter melted on top and then topped with brown gravy. She never eats meat and good food, she eats junk all the time like uncrustables, and strawberry yogurt, cookies, and crackers! I know she picked up some of this from those who watched her when she was younger.

So reflecting on this has brought me to think, like with us and everything else, its the FAT! Maybe all that butter and fatty gravy made it super appetizing and fulfilling and she just wanted to keep eating it! I have never seen her eat, of her own volition, that amount of protein and fat. Its usually just carbs carbs carbs.

I almost cried I was so happy.

(Andrew) #2

Breast milk is nearly all fat. Just a few grams of protein.

Now you know what to do. Hell, the French get by eating bread with a ton of butter on it. Get her fat addicted (I’m sure I’m fat addicted at this point), and then start removing the junk carbs. If it works, then who cares.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #3

What a great NSV! May your daughter keto on along with you! :bacon:

(Jack Czechowski) #4

Well done! I have been trying to get my five-year-old son to eat keto for a year. To my great frustration he has not taken to butter and prefers to eat plain carbs (e.g. bread).

He will, however, eat ham and bacon so that is the default position. I also give him sugar-free chocolate milk drink to which I add protein powder and butter.