Is ChocZero Strawberry Jam keto?

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I just tried it (on top of gherkins and dill pickles) and my BG is spiking to 170… I don’t know what caused my BG to spike, I have to try again, but now I wonder…

It has dextrin and pectin

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I only tried a little bit, but god damnit, it’s 179 now…


I’ve never had an issue with the ChocZero stuff, used to buy their Chocolate bars all the time, currently use their Chocolate syrup in my protein bowls, I haven’t tried the strawberry, but I’ve used their grape jelly and jam in my peanut butter and jellies. Both awesome. Legendary Foods makes a lot of the same stuff as well.

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I don’t see any nutrition information for this product on the Web site, but it’s 50% strawberry, for heaven’s sake, and strawberries are loaded with sugar and pectin. So even if there is no added sugar, I don’t see how they manage to come up with the claim that one teaspoon of the product contains only 1 g net of carbohydrate. This particular product does not appear in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food composition database, but the strawberry jams I looked at are all roughly 60% carbohydrate.

ETA: I just found the nutrition information, and the claim is that 15 g of product contains no sugar at all. I don’t believe it. What I do believe is that 15 g of product contains 0.4999999999 g of sugar, which U.S. law would allow them to state as 0 g. That makes more sense, given that it’s likely that at least half of the sugar in other brands would be from added sugar, and this product claims to have no added sugar. But I don’t believe that 10 g out of 11 g of carbohydrate in this product is fibre, even given the chia seeds.


That was my first thought too but then I looked it up, strawberries has little sugar (well it depends on our viewpoint but especially the amount. my own jams are WAY more sugary, of course as I don’t add a ton of water. the claim of this stuff sounds reasonable to me though they might have rounded the carb content down) and it was eaten in tiny amounts. Negligible carbs for me but we aren’t all alike…
Maybe some other ingredient caused problems. Or sensitivity. My own body hates fruit alone sometimes, even 1-2g sugar is enough to show some mild sugar poisoning effect if it’s in the mood (normally not and never if I follow up with some sausage). It’s a lot of experiment for many of us to figure out what works and what not. I pretty much avoid most processed stuff (only keep sausage and the like and some condiments I use very sparingly), that makes things way easier for me. And when something still have an ingredient list, I am careful. Usually but I am not particularly sensitive and can get away with a lot. Sugar AND processed stuff tends to a bad combo for me though but I have little experience as I strongly prefer sugary stuff made by a few ingredients by myself (or plain fruit, that works too. my simplest “jam” is crushed raspberries).

I didn’t want to come off as “oh you should make your own things”, I just wanted to tell how it is with me. I can’t even make everything so I depend on 1-2 store-bought condiments but I am careful about what it contains even if it makes things more difficult.

Of course it contains sugar, it has strawberries… I don’t even understand how on earth anyone can claim that their stuff with lots of fruit, wheat (and not gluten, something more starchy) or anything else is truly 0 carb, one doesn’t need to know a lot to see it’s impossible. Obviously they round it down.
But 15g product using 50% strawberry can’t be 0 even with rounding it down. It’s over 1, it must be using normal strawberries…

Impossible, again. 50% STRAWBERRIES. They have sugar. Not super much but not super little, they aren’t lemons… Sigh. Of course, they know people are ignorant enough to buy their stuff more easier if they spout such nonsense (I am sure many even fool themselves)…