IR Calculator, using trigs & glucose information

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #1

I found this very helpful in determining what my IR was, using fasting glucose and trigs information, no HOMA-IR testing required:

(Bob M) #2

I think that test has to be taken with a grain of salt. Here are some of my values:


On 10/31/16, my blood sugar was 101. The value using the TyG index is ln(147*101)/2 = 4.8, which makes me insulin resistant.

On 11/14/16, assume my blood sugar was 101 (I don’t have the data for that date – I didn’t get it done – but it’s always around 100). The value using the TyG index is ln(58*101)/2 = 4.3, which makes me insulin sensitive.

In two weeks, I went from being insulin resistant to being insulin sensitive. Is that true? No. I was fasting way more before the 10/31 test, which raised my trigs, and I ate consistently before the 11/14 test, which lowered my trigs.

As a gross measure of insulin resistance, I guess it works, but you have to be careful interpreting the results.

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For me it was just another confirmation, my NMR test also says I am not insulin resistant anymore. I’m sure if I went back to my old way of eating, bread, pasta, potatoes regularly, the results would be reflected in my NMR testing and this calculation. Like a lipid profile test, I’m sure this calculation can be manipulated. I just found it interesting and not costing $100 plus for yet another test.