(chris) #1

We have a facebook group in Iowa called KetoIowa! and a few of us have been doing meetups in Cedar Rapids with cooking shows at Natural Grocers and we are doing a potluck next month.

(Ken) #2

God knows Iowa needs it! It always amazes me how many people here are overweight/obese.

I was once one of them.

(chris) #3

So for the past 3 months we have had a few cooking shows and a couple of potlucks now.
These first pictures are from the Natural Grocers in Cedar Rapids where they explain the Ketogenic lifestyle
while they cook food for everyone to try. First month I went they made fathead pizza and wings. Second month was pancakes and cinnamon donuts. This last month was a dairy free idea where they made a salad for everyone and the most incredible Rutabaga and chicken recipe with a spicy Aioli sauce. I took pictures and on my way home I bought the ingredients to make the Rutabaga and chicken for myself.

My Rutabaga and chicken

(chris) #4

This last weekend we did our second potluck which was themed as Baconfest which they host at a
church in Cedar Rapids. after we ate we pass around a microphone and explain our keto journey.

(chris) #5

Now on to the food we had at the potluck.