Intermittent Fasting on Rest Days?


Hey everyone. I am not new to lifting, but I am new to fasted training.

I’ve just recently starting doing a 16/8 fast each day and taking 14g of BCAAs right before training. My post workout meal is immediately afterward.

Anyway my question is - what exactly are you supposed to do on your rest days? Keep the same schedule, or should your first meal be earlier in the day so that you’re feeding yourself some protein while you’re still recovering from the previous day’s workout? It feels extremely weird to me to wait until around 6pm to eat the day after a heavy leg, chest or back day.

Second, do you typically add calories to your daily meal on the days that you train to make up for calories you burned during the workout? Like if you burned 200 calories during a 1-hour training session, should you eat an additional 200 calories or are your calories the same every day regardless?

Thanks in advance.


If trying to lose fat then and are fat adapted then let your waist line fridge make up the couple calories you burnt in the gym. Best way is eat till full with high fat meals and let your body tell you when is enough

(Fast Freddy) #3

Whole point of KETO is not to count calories! Thats the beauty of it.

Listen to your hunger (really listen) and eat KETO foods and your body will figure things out.

BTW, ditch the BCAA - you dont need them if you eat real food - the point of fasted training is to train fasted :slight_smile: