Interesting fasting BG numbers

(Todd Chester) #21

It ain’t exercise if it is “play”. And THAT is the trick!

And I bet you are not “just” walking. You are interactive with what you see along the way. Like when I am loving the tall trees in the forest whilst I am hiking or when I am reading the water. Having your mind at peace is the goal.

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

This a 1000 times this.

I love my walks even the ones in our neighborhood, because there are lots of trees which are very entertaining right now with the leaves turning and falling, the animals that live around us, a park provides good space for them so foxes, coyotes, water birds, etc. are a joy to watch when down there.

(Bob M) #23

I’m the outlier then. I’ll happily ride a stationary bike inside or run on a treadmill (aka “dreadmill”), with no issues.