Interesting day, with one meal change

(Denise) #1

Well I did it yesterday and set to do it again today. I cooked up a roast, but had a left-over piece of Chicken. Good sized, but while I was waiting for it to slowly heat up in my convectional oven, I also ate a Beef Stick and a piece of cheese.

That was my lunch. I also had a bigger piece of sausage and 2 eggs w/mozzarella. I did use some of what is left of my chia seeds, Flaxseed and Nooch. Just a level tsp of each sprinkled over my omelette. For dinner I had a 6 oz piece of roast. Nothing at all to eat after 5 oclock.

I had no nap yesterday, felt full of energy, took my puppy out easily 3 times even though my hip was sore but I just felt great otherwise. We stayed up til 9 but I couldn’t keep my eyes open long so don’t know what I was watching. We went to bed at 9, and I managed to read a few pages of my latest book, then fell asleep and did not wake up once until 4:30 a.m. which was really unusual.

I am thinking the tiredness has had to do with especially the higher carb lunch I’ve been eating, plus “unhealthy” treats like fat-bombs or sleep-bombs. Today so far, same, lunch coming up and I’m having 7 oz piece of roast, and dinner will be Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Be done by 5 again and see how sleep goes tonight :wink:

I really think that was the first day I didn’t take a nap, and didn’t even feel like I wanted to :wink: Hope this lasts, I’m just going to keep buying Carnivore friendly food and see if I can do it, I know I can, I just have to do it, at least try to see if it would change my life like Keto did :wink:

PS After @Geoffrey asked me the question about “if your a T2, why not drop all the carbs” I couldn’t stop thinking about that. Carbs are poison for me, at least until they figure a cure for T2, ha, not likely :wink:

(Bob M) #2

Why do you think those are unhealthy?

To me, what you are eating isn’t that high carb, especially if you’re walking. Can you time the walks to be after you eat? If you’re concerned with higher blood sugar, walking after eating helps both with blood sugar and insulin. They have a short discussion of this ni this podcast:

Unfortunately, I don’t have the timestamp.

(Geoffrey) #3

Ah but darling Denise they have found a cure, it’s called zero carb :grin:.
Ok, maybe not a complete cure but it can and will reverse your T2.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #4

“Cure” is a loaded word. Andreas Eenfeldt says that a ketogenic diet is like showering: if you stop doing it, you stop getting the benefits. Another way of saying it is that if you go back to the diet that made you sick, you will get sick again. As Dr. Eenfeldt says, life is so unfair like that.

(Geoffrey) #5

Exactly. While I’ve had great results in controlling my AFib and getting off of all my meds I can’t say I’m cured.


You’re cured. :+1:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7