Insulin high on keto

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I did bought a cgm to see if something I do gives me spikes. Maybe then I can see why I am insulin resistance.

In the day my glucose is good average 5 or lower sometimes 3.9. No spikes withe food glucose goes not change much maybe 5.4 or so. Some very low in the afternoon.

I see in the night it is also normal 5 or lower, sometimes very low 3.4.

But just when I wake up at 7. My glucose is 6.1 or 5.9. It stays likes that for 2 hours sometimes less sometimes more.

I upped my metformine to 2500 to lower insulin maybe that will work. But I still have high mornings glucose did not test insulin. Before metformine did nothing.

Can this high morning cause the insulin reading to be high? Because I test insulin the moment I wake up with the glucose. And can that be the reason for not losing weight? The rest of the day my glucose is perfect I never spike with what I eat. If my morning insulin is 25 will thus stay like that through the day?can I be insulin resistance just because of higher glucose in morning? Which happens with keto

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Everyone is high in the morning. It’s normal. You know this. Your stats look perfect to me.
My glucose, and probably everyone alive, has their highest glucose early in the morning. It’s called the dawn phenomenon. Glucose gradually lowers during the day. You system knows it needs an energy boost first thing.


Your numbers are fine, and your measuring glucose, not insulin. Have you had your fasting Insulin checked? Or had an LP-IR done? Also, what are you calling a “spike”, people like to get real liberal with that one. Its supposed to move around, it does all day long whether you eat or not.

Be more worried about how long it takes you to return to baseline after a rise, thats more important than snapshot readings at random times.

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You are experiencing what is called the dawn phenomenon, which is perfectly normal. And 6.1 is not that high a rise, either. As long as you are eating a low-carb diet, with plenty of fat to fuel your body, you can trust your body to know what it’s doing. If you were testing your ketone level as well, you’d find that your ketones are lower in the mornings, and then higher later in the day, the reverse of what your glucose is doing. So don’t, worry; you’re fine.

If you want to learn more about what’s going on, do a forum search on “dawn phenomenon.” The search feature here works much better than searches on social media work; it’s one of the reasons the 2 Keto Dudes moved the group from Facebook to the Ketogenic Forums.

As for not losing fat, we’d need to know more about your situation and what your diet is like. Also, if you’d be comfortable sharing the results of recent blood tests, we could look those numbers over also, and give you some idea of where you stand. Just quickly, though, I can tell you that counting calories is not helpful on a keto diet, so if you are limiting how much you eat, try eating more. You need never go hungry on a ketogenic diet, because you are eating in a way that does not raise insulin any more than necessary, which means you can afford to satisfy your hunger. Many forum members have found that their fat loss didn’t really get started until they began eating more, not less. But there are plenty of other things that could be going on, and we can help you figure out what works best for you.

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Yes I did measure insulin it 27 above range. What is is lp-ir?
I am not worried about spikes as I dont see spikes. I am worried about my insulin and not loosing weight with the higher morning glucose

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My last insulin was 27 above range. Glucose 6.1 hbac1 is 33 wich is okay. I eat carnivore/ketovore I do this for years. But cant loose weight. I think because of the high insulin.


LP-IR is a proxy measure of Insulin resistance, comes with NMR Lipo Profiles but can also be done stand alone. Dont worry about morning numbers as much, Insulin is always higher as well as Cortisol, and if its not, that when you wake up a literal zombie that can’t tell being awake from a weird dream. If your A1C is good, and glucose is returning to baseline in a good time, you’re good.

Are you tracking your dietary intake?


How well do you sleep? Do you have sleep apnea? This can sometimes present as the Dawn effect.

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No I sleep okay

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Ac1 is good 32 that is not the problem. It is more I cant loose weight and am insulin resitant. I track all I eat. And try a lot of stuff more carbs les carbs carnivore ketovore lowcarb. Etc.


What exactly do you eat in a typical day? I have a feeling it’s not enough, and not enough fat.


If the A1C is good, and you can return to baseline glucose in the correct time, its probably not Insulin resistance.

I blamed that on me forever, despite a 4.8 A1C and below range LP-IR, lile most, i was somply esting too mich. Tracked everything, buy any calculator I was eating at a descent deficit. Too bad I had my RMR measured and my “deficit” was almost a 1000 calorie surplus! Now with trackers like MacroFactor and Carbon, they’ll do all the math and figure you out while accounting for your day to day flucuations, to me, their worth their weight in gold. Plus, cheaper than having it measured and the number will be accurate.

I fixed the lowered RMR with reverse dieting but not having the real number had me dead in the water for way too long.

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More then. 1.1 pmol is considerd a spike. My fasting insulin is very high 27 . I cant loose weight. That is way I ask can the insulin be high from the morning glucose and stay high all day? That prevents weightloss?yes I track all I eat.

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No I dont. I cant loose weight insulin high 27

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I track everything. It is insulin resistance I have skin tags and Acanthosis nigracans wich presents with insulin resistance . I did also have gestionel diabetis. I track al my food I have an app for that. 70%fat 25%protein 5%carbs. Depends if I do carnivore or keto.

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I upped my fat to 75% still high insulin no weightloss. I am also hypothyroid.

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I am intrigued. How are you measuring your fasting insulin?

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Simple by my doctors office fasting insulin and c- peptide. Why are you intruiged? I measure a few time a year my insulin levels.

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OK, so this was a one-off reading? It does seem strangely high if you are keto. Is it possible we have a unit of measure issue here? What was the unit of measure of the 27 number?

My conclusion is that if your insulin is really 27, then you are profoundly insulin resistant ie you need to be pumping out high insulin to keep your blood glucose level down. If this is true this is not a good place to be… you need to get that number down… I would be cutting the carbs even lower.

Can you give us a snapshot of what you eat in a typical day? How long have you been keto?


Meaning you (were), and now it’s corrected for, or you ARE? If you’re on T3/T4 and your numbers are in a functional/optimal range, you’re no longer hypothyroid. If that’s not corrected, you’re wasting your time as far as fat loss. You can’t outcompete a Thyroid stuck in 1st gear.