Insulin high on keto

(Mina Janssen) #21

Mu/I that is the insulin measurement it is slightly above range. No it is not 1 off reading it constant since I measured I started in 2015. I am on keto since 2013. The range goes till 25 mu/I.

I know I am insulin resistance as some above still think I am not. My glucose is perfect. Cant see anything wrong on my cgm.
I did carnivore but my insulin shut up to 27 so back on keto. Don’t ask me why.
Eat 2 times a day fast 18 hours. Morning eggs cheese spinach or something green low carb. Night meat/fish vegetables. No proccessed food.

(Mina Janssen) #22

No it is correct a long time ago. But most say all this trouble started with my thyroid. The weight insulin problems

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #23

That’s correct, and you won’t be into ketosis until your insulin drops below 25 μU/mL. How much carbohydrate are you eating in a day? You may need to cut your intake further.

We recommend a limit of 20 g/day. However, you may be insulin-resistant enough that you need an even stricter limit.