Instant Pot Duo Cyber Monday $75. Down from $120. BUY IT!

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #1

Seriously, it’s a steal:

(Doug) #2

Great mention, Gabe. :sunglasses::star2::warning:

Count me among the new owners.

(Laurie) #3

I caved in and got one too. I tried to resist but it seems like a good deal and WTH :smile:

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #4


I don’t want to tempt you further, but the bluetooth Anova is now $85 and the wifi version is $129. Both amazing deals. I’m guessing they’ll be gone soon, prob later tonight.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #5

Honestly, it’s pretty much a must-have piece of equipment for me. You could almost have a kitchen with no oven and just make do with a stovetop, a sous vide setup, and an Instant Pot.

Try do a cheap chuck roast in it. Delicioso!

(Laurie) #6

I already have an Anova - because of learning about it here. I also acquired an air fryer this year so now my kitchen is overflowing with gadgets. I will have to get rid of some I don’t use any more, like the breadmaker :slight_smile: and juicer.

(Jen ) #7

I am soooooo tempted. I wanted an Instant Pot before going Keto. My question for you IP users is: do you make yogurt? That would be my primary use, I think. I’m having the hardest time finding actual “real” yogurt that doesn’t have a day’s worth of carb macros in it. I don’t tolerate artificial sweeteners well so the “zero” fat/sugar yogurts won’t work either.

(Richard Hanson) #8

Thanks Gabe … just ordered one and a vacuum sealer as well.

Keto for Life!

(Regina M.) #9

You don’t need an instant pot to make yogurt. I use a cheap Styrofoam cooler filled with warm water. It maintains the water temperature long enough for the yogurt to set.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #10

They should pay me a commission for all the business I’ve given these companies today!

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #11

It’s so cheap, I think it’s a no-brainer. Buy it and if you don’t like it, you could probably sell it second hand and make a slight profit, honestly.

(Patrick) #12

Got one too!

(Louise ) #13

I only wish they were compatible with Australian 240V electricity. I went on Amazon UK to see if it was on sale, alas, it wasn’t :frowning:

(debbie norman) #14

Mine arrived today, butter chicken for supper tomorrow :slight_smile: