Injury free gmb gymnastic rings Workout

(Vladaar Malane) #1

OK started GMB rings Workout today injury free. Please excuse the trap music it’s popular with calisthenics athletes and by that token motivates me to try harder.

Added in my diary of sorts, for keeping track of my progress. This is why being video taped is very important check out the notes on my form, and how easy it is to keep track of your progress.

Day Exercise Set # Reps or Time After Action Review
1 Top Position Hold 1 4 seconds Lost balance
1 Top Position Hold 2 21 seconds wobbly
1 Top Position Hold 3 21 seconds wobbly, legs back and forth
1 Top Position Hold 4 12 seconds wobbly, legs back and forth
1 Top Position Hold 5 13 seconds wobbly
1 Assisted Dips 1 7 poor choice step up
1 Assisted Dips 2 6 wobbly, elbows flare out
1 Assisted Dips 3 7 elbows flare out
1 Pushups 1 8 bad form, elbows out
1 Pushups 2 4 wobbly
1 Pushups 3 4 elbows flared on last rep
1 Plank 1 23 seconds could’ve gone longer
1 Plank 2 33 seconds
1 Plank 3 26 seconds
1 Mountain Climbers 1 5 could do more
1 Mountain Climbers 2 6
1 Mountain Climbers 3 6
Total Time on Rings 9 minutes 15 seconds

(the cheater) #2

Very cool! That’s a great idea to record yourself and take notes. Where did you get those? I have the “perfect pull-up” bar which I use all the time but mainly just as I pass by going to the bathroom or whatever. I bet something like this could take me to the next level of fitness… Thanks for sharing!

(Vladaar Malane) #3


Well the gymnastic rings I ordered on Amazon they cost about 35 dollars. I just hanged it in my garage off the rafters.

The workout program though you can buy at

My diary I created with just google spreadsheet, but it bunches up together here.

(Vladaar Malane) #4

I just got the approval from gmb to post videos on their workout program as long as I don’t show the whole program or claim it is mine. Nice.

Also the guy who reviewed the video link I sent was kind enough to offer me advice on my rings setup. Apparently a lot of the wobbling I’m having is due to my rings being too far apart. I am supposed to have them closer to a shoulder width’s apart. Mine is probably 3 - 4 inches wider which is causing a lot of unnecessary instability and making my workout way harder then it should be. Not that it would be easy either way. I thought a little more than shoulder width would be fine, but I can’t argue with a certified trainer from gmb and do agree I have a lot of wobbling.

So I’ll take a look and see how I can set it up to be closer together and see how that works.

Holy smoke bringing it to shoulder width had me move it inward 7 inches. Which when I converted it to centimeters which is what Olympic standards use 50 centimeters it now is at 45.3. Almost spot on and much less wobble. At least from equipment now just wobble from me. LOL.