Initial Inflammation during fasting?


Is inflammation a normal initial process that occurs during fasting if we have cardiac fibrosis?


Stress can cause inflammation, not feeding your body is absolutely a stress to it. I don’t fast anymore but when I did it’d constantly piss off my back and face (seborheic dermatitis) which respond very quickly to inflammation.

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I never had any issues when fasting, at least from an inflammation standpoint. But I also don’t get much “inflammation”, unless I eat bread or other wheat. Otherwise, I cannot tell.

Though there’s some evidence fasting is beneficial from an inflammation standpoint. This illustrates the benefits of ketones (which go up when fasting):

IF causes a reduction in monocytes:

A three-day fasts resets the immune system:

(in mice)

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Also, I have idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and have done many 4.5 day fasts, a bunch of 3.5 day fasts, and many, many 36 hour fasts.


Great point about stress.

Skin inflammation sounds like the release of toxins.

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A heart in failure can only fuel on ketones. The American College of Cardiology now accepts ketones, albeit exogenous, are to be studied for their positive effects on heart health.. The surest way to raise ketones is fasting.

When I spent 3 days in the ICU for an uncontrolled arrhythmia and a pulmonary embolism i fasted. The nurses station called my cardiologist because I refused to eat. He said" Leave him alone. Mr. Rhodes knows exactly what he is doing". My third day my ketones were 4.0 and BG was 68. And my AFIB was becoming controlled I called the wife and had her go get me a ribeye to break my fast.


So even if I eat only ketogenic foods… Ketones won’t be as high as when fasting for a couple days?

Did you mostly sleep during your stay in the hospital? Did you have moments of yawning during the day followed by naps?

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The famous graph by Phinney and Volek shows nutritional ketosis in green at the low end of the range, fasting ketosis in yellow in the middle, and ketoacidosis on the right in red. So yes, typical values of serum β-hydroxybutyrate while fasting tend to be higher than typical values in the fed state.

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No, I did not mostly sleep. Most fasters find an increase in energy & decrease in sleep. What I did was set up my phone, hook into their internet and began learning everything possible about pulmonary embolism such as 1 in 6 die immeadiatly. Another 25% die in the next 30 days.

20% > have both a PE & arrhythmia with it not being known which sparks the other. By my second day I was asking questions that led two specialists to ask what medical profession I was in. What I did was learn what I could do to give myself the best chance possible.

Recently I had a CT scan showing no embolism & no scarring. No arrhythmia since May 18th. I’m remaining on Eliquis as my factor V &VIII make a reaccurrence in 5 years time almost a guarantee.

I dont understand your question about yawning. I came in my oxygen was 89 by time I left 96 and now average 98

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ketosistix_graph there ya go Paul