Incorrect analysis of link #3?

(Robert Hollinger) #1

This is link #3 from the 3 major studies to bring to your doctor page. unfortunately the conclusion of this study is not non-causation = non-correlation. It is that we need to lower the LDL targets even further and enhance HDL. Is there a better study that more clearly shows that LDL is not the indicator that it is thought to be?

(Kipp Howard) #2

Where is this “major studies to bring to your doctor page”? Tried to search for that phase and a few others but couldn’t find the proper page.


(Robert Hollinger) #3

Odd, I searched on that exact phrase (in quotes) and found this:

(Kipp Howard) #4

I searched again, with quotes, and still only get your post. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Anyway, thanks for the link.