Immunological reactions to food allergens


(Kathy L) #1

I just received results of food testing today. The test was an assessment of my immunological reaction to certain food allergens. We were looking for dairy sensitivities, that maybe could explain my WL stall.

The GOOD news: NO dairy sensitivity!! YAY!
But the BAD news is that I’m highly sensitive to: Eggs (chicken & duck -whites & yolks) almonds, whole wheat, sesame seed, mushrooms, coffee bean, sugar cane, yeast (bakers & brewers), cranberries and blueberries.

Eggs & almonds were not even on my radar!! I LOVE having cheese omelets (topped with sour cream) when we eat out! I truly believed I was most likely dairy sensitive and I am SO glad that I am NOT! But eggs and almonds would be my next two favorite foods to use in this WOE! My life is going to change - I have a lot of figuring out how to live without eggs - as it’s in so much food! (and almond flour)

So, I think I’m really going to need some help here - can I make fathead pizza with coconut flour? Anyone know? I guess I’m taking meatloaf out of my dinner plans this week too - until I can figure out how to make it without eggs. Any help would be appreciated. I am totally surprised!

Dairy Free April

Is this the thing where you get the grid of bumps all over your back? My roommate went in for one of those and had some surprising things pop up, like black pepper and cod.

(Kathy L) #3

Ha! sugar came was one of my allergens! Weird huh? Never heard of anyone allergic to sugar!!
In my case it was a blood test. I thought it would be easier to test, rather than attempt an elimination diet.

(Brad) #4

Meatloaf without eggs is the easiest of the above. Add cream cheese or heavy cream. Not sure coconut flour will work for fathead dough, but if you try it remember it is about 3 times more absorbent.

(Kathy L) #5

@Bradeo Thank you -I read somewhere that flax seeds can be used in place of eggs as a binder. (Boiled w/ water) so will try that. I wonder if coconut flour mixed w/ mozzarella cheese would make a good pizza crust? I’ll have to do some experimenting!


Know this is an old post, but I just accidentally made my fathead pizza last night with coconut flour. I was in a hurry, had only made it a few times, and grabbed the wrong flour.


Didn’t turn out too bad, still editable. Needed water to add moisture and I didn’t want to waste it.

I’d place the texture more like store frozen pizza or danish crust. Very heavy, but still good.

If I did it again, I would correctly cut the coconut flour and see what turned up.

Lesson learned :slight_smile: