Immune suppressed

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I am Immune suppressed and i take at least 30 tablets a day ,i fast till lunch my question is ,is it ok to take meds in the morning with just water

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From your self-description:

I have been interestec in fixing my type 2 since i have started fasting and eating low carb (2 months ago) i have had good results ,i have a hard road ahead as i have had a bilateral lung transplant and am on masses of drug’s and i have post traumatic stress anyway i will see where it takes me

Please realize that most of us here are ordinary folks with self-centric views and opinions - but not a lot of expertise on anything particular. A few of us do, in fact, have expertise in one or another area and many more have lots of experience dealing with various health and nutritional issues.

Whether or not you should take your meds on an empty stomach, depends on the specific meds I suppose. And you’d be better advised to ask you doctor not an annonymous online forum. Whether or not you should be fasting at only a couple months into keto (considering your health issues) will likely attract more different opinions than you expect - and end up being quite confusing not helpful.

To get anything useful in response, you’ll have tell us more about yourself. What are you eating specifically and how much of it? You say you’ve had ‘good results’ since you started fasting and low carb 2 months ago. Does ‘low carb’ mean keto? What is your fasting schedule? You’ll have to help us help you, if we can. Best wishes.


That completely depends on what they are, some things are fine that way, some aren’t. Some are water soluble, some are fat soluble.

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Thankyou Michael we have allot in common i am also post traumatic stress, our stories are unique j find myself mentally fragile and dont take criticism to well i will take your advise and talk to the Drs at our clinic

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That would depend entirely on each medication.

Some medications must be taken on an empty stomach, or they will not work properly, while others must be taken with food, or they will not work properly. Some must not be taken within a certain number of hours of certain specific foods.

In the U.S., you are handed a monograph with all this information in it, every time you fill or re-fill the prescription, but in any case, you can always ask your pharmacist/chemist for this type of information.

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While time-restricted eating may have benefits, there are quite a few people who do low carb/keto eating three meals a day. I stopped eating breakfast a while ago, but many other people haven’t. (I see posts of their breakfasts on Twitter all the time.)

Another thing that might work, for pills taken 1-2 times per day, is to eat two meals a day. One in the morning and one in the evening/afternoon.

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Thankyou Paul im gòing to ask my Gp today

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I’m going to try that thankyou

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Gp said it was ok

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Good to know! :+1: