I'm trying to eat more. Experimenting


Please let me know if you think I’m on the right track or not. If not, why. Thank you!

After listening to some 2ketodudes podcasts and reading some of Phinney & Volek I have decided I’m not eating enough. Also, I think some of you kind people have also suggested that to me. :smile:

While my weight has s l o w l y continued to drop, it is very slow now, and I’ve lost a lot of hair. So I’m pretty sure I need to eat more. Most days (sorry to use calories) I have eaten around 1100 (sometimes more) calories. I really don’t/didn’t feel hungry.

But for the last few days I have been trying to eat more fat, and have reduced my protein just a bit, still staying within the recommended amounts of protein for my body. The interesting thing is that I haven’t lost or gained anything. That’s good and probably means I’m on the right track. I’m finding it hard to eat more fat, but feel I should push it up a bit. I just have to remember to add it to my meals.

I routinely eat twice a day, mid to late afternoon (3 or 4 pm and again around 7:30 or 8 with my family). I have only rarely ever felt hungry on keto except sometimes after mowing the yard or getting a lot of physical activity. But usually all I want is salt. Anyway, I’ve been adding a bit of butter to meals to raise fat. Since I try to make food the whole family can eat (and they refuse to eat keto), I add fat.

I felt pretty full last night with 96 grams of protein (more than I had meant to eat) and 88 grams of fat. I think I want to bring my fat intake up a bit more and my protein down closer to 85. Carbs were under 20 grams. Let’s see… for reference that turned out to be 1285 calories.

Normally I eat less fat around 70’s and protein around 100 or 110. Still trying to figure this out. I sometimes forget that some veggies have a little protein, so that pushed me up a tiny bit.

I may just fast today and try adjusting things again tomorrow, with more fat and a bit less protein.

I’d love your thoughts and input! 2KetoDudes talked about eating quite a bit more (feasting) before a day of fasting. Is that a good idea? I want to strengthen my metabolism and possibly, lose a bit faster.

I also wanted to add that I plan on asking for a fasting insulin test to see if I have a problem in that area that might be contributing to my slow weight loss and hair loss.

(Full Metal KETO) #2

Wow, I am really impressed with the progress you have posted in your profile, is it up to date? I knew you’ve been here a while but I wanted to see how long. You have lost a lot of weight on keto!

So I have been stuck for a while, like two months going up and down 2 lbs. I started an accountability thread to help me document my progress with others and explain what I am experimenting with as I approach the next phase in my progress. I have been on a Fat Fast, this is my second day. On the first day I droppped about three pounds in 24 hrs. WTH! I saw a Jason Fung short video on autophagy and he mentioned Fat Fasting which I have heard of but didn’t know much about what it is.

First off if you google it you get information that looks like keto induction with lower protein levels. Jason Fung said 1000-1100 calories of fat without protein or carbs. I am doing a more severe keto version, about 850g. of Fat. I had 4g. carbs from black espresso and 11g. protein with 88g. of fat yesterday and I am doing about the same today. This can be useful for busting a stall without hunger or low energy and still getting autophagy. I felt great yesterday and today. I am starting to cycle Fat Fasting, Carnivore and KETO to see what happens. I have plans to skip a day of eating here and there. I think this will kick my lazy metabolism in the butt. It seems to be starting already. I hope you will look in on my accountability thread,
“Full Metal Keto Next Steps and Progress”

I wish you luck in breaking you stall, I will also leave a video link about breaking stalls by my favorite KETO doctor Ken Berry.

About your post I think it’s best to eat what satisfies you, forcing fat isn’t good either. But I think it’s best that your fat macro is a bit higher and protein lower. Things can fluctuate daily and that’s better than lather, rinse and repeat.


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That makes two of us.

I’ve been in maintenance for the past four months and had been hovering around five pounds under my goal weight. I still had about 10-12 pounds of belly fat I wouldn’t mind losing but I didn’t really consciously try to lose it. Much to my amazement, I dropped about 8 pounds and a new notch in my belt, in the past 30 days and I credit it to dropping dairy (except a tiny bit of heavy cream in my coffee) as well as eating mostly carnivore. On average, I include a small amount of vegetables or an avocado in my meals about every other day. I didn’t plan this out. I’ve just been reacting to my hunger and picking foods that appeal to me. Lately, vegetables haven’t been that appealing.

Something to consider…


What kinds of things do you eat on your fat fast?

(Chrissie Bowie ) #5

I wonder if cortisol might be an issue? Stressing a bit too much might not be helpful. I would def try the experiment and maybe relax a bit on the exact macros after you meet the protein needs.

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I’m eating about 800-1000 calories of fat. It can be anything. I have some whole Slab Bacon that had an extremely tiny amount of meat. I cooked it with sousvide so it just needs heating. I slice it really thick so it stays soft and juicy. I have allowed carbs from black espresso which has been 4 one day and 2 today. There’s a little protein but not much. I also drank a shot glass of MCT oil this morning and yesterday I ate 30g. of grass fed butter. Any oil or fat you can eat. I’m going to check with a butcher to see if I can buy fat trimmed from beef. You aren’t eating a meal really, just some of your daily fat requirements, less than normal. I feel just normal like every other keto day, lighter in my stomach but not hungry. So I have about an 900 calorie deficit instead of 1800 I would get on an extended fast which still means great weight loss and some autophagy it seems. I’m going to do it tomorrow too.




Hi Dave Stilley and also CarlKeller! Thanks for responding!

Yes, my info on my progress is up to date! The end of this month I’ll have eating this way for a year! Time has really moved quickly!

Really, I am pleased with my own progress and not really surprised in the weight loss slow down. Still, I would like to get things moving once again.

I noticed that when I started Keto I was eating much more and somehow ended up lowering how much I was eating and then this year it looks like I increased my protein and decreased my fat. So I thought I must be eating too little and am trying to increase what I eat (fat) and lower my protein a bit.

Yesterday I was going to fast, but ended up feeling hungry. That surprised me since I’ve actually been eating a bit more. I ended up eating more yesterday than the day before and felt full-to-bursting after supper. Still no weight gain, or loss, but that’s OK for now. I want to see how much I can eat and now gain. Then see if fasting helps me lose weight.

Today, I plan on fasting, but might try the “fat-fasting” idea if I feel hungry at all. I’ll go look that up and see what Dr. Fung says about it. Thanks for the idea.

I very rarely eat any dairy, so that isn’t the problem. It’s probably that I was eating too little fat and possibly, too much protein. I’m not sure. I think I added in more protein when I started doing things like mowing the lawn and painting the interior of my home. That filled me up and I ate less fat. I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m in need of changing things up a bit.

I have read SO much good advice, but don’t remember it all and so I am always learning and relearning. Haha!!

Thanks for the encouragement! I wish my husband didn’t still consider this a “fad” diet. He is pleased with my progress, but is stuck in the past and refuses to read or watch anything different than what he learned in high school. Ugh!

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This is what I saw, it inspired me to try it. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Full Metal KETO) #9

Fatty coffee would work if you like that. :cowboy_hat_face:


Update: It has only been 6 days today, but as of now, eating more fat and a bit less protein has made a difference. I’ve lost weight once more!

I’m mixing things up and not being so predictable about when I eat as well. I was in a rut eating TMAD, always around 3 or 4 and again around 8 pm. Now sometimes I am going to fast a day, then eat breakfast for my first meal of the day and an early supper, or do OMAD, or go back to what I had been doing with eating in the afternoon and evening. But overall I have been eating MORE fat and losing weight. Have to say I’m pleased! Hope I can continue to vary things daily so I’m not in back in a rut!

I think there is something to eating enough and not letting my body get into a regular eating routine. We’ll see long term how this works out - if it continues to work out.

(Troy) #11

Great progress!
Awesome :smile:

But from the above, I agree for the rut as well
3 or so weeks doing TMAD for me
I was getting lethargic, bored, predictable
Plus, I was not even hungry
I just was eating. To eat

THEN, yesterday did OMAD…24 hour
TODAY, as well …24 hour

As of right now, I forgot the feeling of being fat adapted
So much more focused at this compared to 3 nights ago

My Point ——

I have no freaking idea😩

I guess just KEEP YOUR BODY guessing
And mix it up
Even if and when fat adapted like myself

Good Luck!


I meant to respond sooner! Sorry!

Yep, I agree. Time to keep my body guessing. This morning I finished a 36 hour fast. I’ve done some OMAD, but usually do TMAD. To be honest, fasting for 36 hours makes me nervous because I keep thinking something crazy is going to happen to me. But it didn’t. :smile:

About 5 months into keto, probably was an electrolyte imbalance, I had crazy heart rate highs and crazy high blood pressure. So every time I change things up a bit I half expect something like this to happen again. I’m SO glad it hasn’t!!! By the way, when I increased my magnesium my bp and heart rate went normal.

When I skip a day of eating there is no way I can get as many electrolytes in, so I worry, but I think my body has managed to store plenty of reserve and I really will be OK. I just have to get used to this.


OK, so I ate two meals yesterday - breakfast and lunch and wasn’t hungry in the evening, so skipped supper. No weight gain this morning, so that’s good!

Today I plan on not eating until supper, OMAD, and that should give me at least 24 hours of “fasting”. I’m trying to mix it up and not be too predictable for my body!

Anyone know if doing the “egg fast” is of any use for someone like me who has been eating low carb for a year? It sounds like, from what I’ve come across, that this is mainly a way for new low carbers to get a start.


Brief update here.

My weight loss has resumed. I continue to eat a bit more fat most days, and a bit less protein. My feeling is that my body just wanted more food and somehow I didn’t realize it. I think my hunger signals have been out of wack for years and so I just didn’t realize I was hungry. Perhaps?

I’m down to 203 lbs. Some days I gain a pound, others I lose more than a pound, but the trend is definitely down!

Last weekend I found myself changing pants by pulling them down, instead of having to unzip them. Then I realized what I had done and decided to try the next size down, which fit perfectly! I’ve gone from a women’s plus size 26 to 16. Still large, but so much better!!

Anyway, I have done a few 36 hour fasts. The only difficult part has been not eating. LOL! Not because of being hungry, but out of habit. It’s easier to avoid supper when my husband isn’t home as it doesn’t make sense to him that I would skip meals at all. He keeps trying to limit fat to prove his point. He runs 9 miles almost daily and is still trying to make his point that cutting fat and exercising is “healthy”. Seems to be working for him, more or less. Although I don’t think he looks all that healthy, he is thinner.

Oh, another gain is that I’m pretty certain my hair loss has stopped!