I'm stepping into outreach

(Mikelong) #1

Hey Keto freaks, Mike here. Some of you have known me from the old 2KD Facebook group. I have started my outreach program here in my local community Fort Pierce FL. I started a FB page " My Big Fat Keto Page" to guide people here, and to the podcast, and as a way to get people I meet some information, and that Ketogenic nutrition is not some crazy fad diet. I ordered cards from Vistaprint to hand out, but if anyone has some .pdf printable sheets for info I can hand out, that would be awesome. Talking to strangers about Keto is my true calling in life, putting it on a FB page and all that comes with that is so far out of my comfort zone, but oh well, this is so much bigger than my own level of comfort, and spelling errors. The last year and a half has found me to be a NEW person, I owe that to this group, and the 2KD podcast, so I’m off to take Keto to the streets.


Just search Pamphlet on here.

(Mikelong) #3

LOL, I was just doing that :slight_smile: thanx

(Tom Seest) #4

I suspected it was only a matter of time before you were workin’ the streets…Well done…

(Mikelong) #5

lmfao TOM, i’m putting it all out there for sure. I’M going to have some fun with it too, I always talk it up to people I meet downtown( Yami and I spend a lot of time there) but now I feel the time has come to put on the full court press, you and Brenda have been mentors to me.

(Karen Parrott) #6

Get additional clickable links to google docs to materials. Facebook page great!

Here’s a little warning: In So. Cal printed pamphlets only mean ONE thing, and one thing only CULTS!

It may be regional, but passing out little booklets or cards in So Cal Coastal means some super controlling abusive stuff in my neighborhood. Maybe it’s just So. Cal, but I’m within a 5 mile radius of some bad stuff. (Heaven’s Gate, one of the worst Scientology Compounds, the freaking Yellow Deli, and more) And they like to pass out cards and pamphlets and approach me and my daughter. It scares me. So many women (and men, too) recruited via cards and pamphlets.

They aren’t harmless they seek money and worse… So yeah, online materials would be good. Someplace to vet that you are not harmful.

Want to freak me out at a Keto or low carb conference, hand me a card or pamphlet… watch me sprint and take my daughter with me…

(Karen Parrott) #7

PS- I totally am cheering you on for your community outreach. :slight_smile:

(Mikelong) #8

I need all the help I can get LOL