I'm panicking, probably for nothing

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It did, since just lunch. I made up for it at dinner with beef, usually. Was crazy expensive so glad the company was picking up the tab!

The breakfast at the hotel was nice and they catered to an international crown. Beans for the Brits, omelets for the Americans, rice and veggies for the Asians, bread, fruit and cheeses for the Europeans.

Besides omelets they had bacon/speck (both crispy and limp), other meats, lots of cheeses.


I see! I have the same with my not so substantial meats. I never could get satiated by chicken alone when it was my OMAD dinner but some for lunch? Fine. I just eat some pork hours later.

The breakfast sounds good (and normal except the beans, I never saw that where I travelled in Europe). I usually had pretty nice breakfasts in hotels (when it was with breakfast), simple but that’s perfect, nice variety, no limits… And it ended late so even I only had to eat a few hours earlier than normal for my first meal (doable with a long walk first thing in the morning, even with my late waking)… I just couldn’t resist those breakfasts :stuck_out_tongue: There were eggs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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When I first traveled to China we stayed in a local hotel we had to pay for up front, in Chinese cash. The breakfast was rice, veggies, small amount of protein - just like lunch and dinner.

When we moved to an American chain hotel (one hour drive to the plant instead of 5 min) I could get an omelette and point to what I wanted in it.

I was entertained watching them cook and turn an omelette with chop sticks!!! And if you couldn’t manage chop sticks in the lunch cantina, you didn’t eat LOL.