I'm not new, but I am new......AGAIN

(Shelly C) #21

Welcome back Rusty!

(Uwe F Herle) #22

Welcome back. The second time is often moe hard …

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #23

Absolutely it is. I’m eating right but not much happening. But I know it can be normal depending on circumstances.

(Butter Withaspoon) #24

So you’re not hearing angels singing yet :laughing: Only a matter of time!
Keep plugging on Rusty and make sure it’s delicious!

(Allie) #25

You’ll get back to it soon I’m sure @rustyk61, just need to give your body the chance to re-awaken to things :heart:

(Polly) #26

You know this has worked for you in the past. Stick with it and the benefits will come when you least expect them.


So agree with ShortStuff and Polly here, just let the body get back into gear on plan and good things will start to happen :slight_smile: Bet you feel better already tho I hope!

(Robin) #28

I adore your name on here.


** deep curtsy **

(Robin) #31

Just checking in Rusty… to see if you are hanging in there with keto and doing okay.