I'm not feeling well


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Hey, I have been doing Keto aprox 3 weeks by now, and today I dont feel very good, I was feeling a bit of it yesterday but today it got worse, as if I have flu, I feel like tired, my body is begging to sleep even if I slept for 8 or 9 hours, I dont feel like eating.

I ran the last 2 days while raining, cold (Where I live we are in winter) but I don´t know, it could be the famous Keto-flu I read about.

How do you know how to separate a real flu to the keto flu? after how many weeks or days you got your keto flu? Did you even had the flu while doing Keto?

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I didn’t have keto flu. I heard it’s about electrolytes (I was lucky as I didn’t supplement anything but my body handled it well. I felt some tiny dizziness but so little it could have been anything and it was 2 days and VERY subtle indeed, it caused no problem). Then I’ve read even carb withdrawal can cause it, well I lowered my carbs gradually enough not to have that problem either.
But I never heard someone having problems after 3 weeks, it usually comes in a few days.

I have no idea what real flu feels like as I never had that either. But if I have problems right when I get into ketosis (after a few days on keto), I suspect lack of sodium now. But lack of other electolytes can be the problem too as far as I know. In my case, it’s probably sodium just like cramps always signal lack of magnesium in my individual case. If there is a problem, make sure you have enough electrolytes and if you still have problem afterwards, it’s probably something else.
That’s about all I know about this.
And that you can expect a way longer time until your brain get used to ketones. Workouts often are less effective too for some while. My brain stayed the same (no brain fog or later a higher level of mental clarity, just what my normal) and I didn’t do workouts in my first keto months.

Waking up tired and unwell happens in my life too, I think it’s quite normal but it has nothing to do with keto or any kind of “flu”.

Running in the cold rain can cause a cold even in the case of a very healthy person who never gets the flu… I would think that is the reason but one can never know.


Sounds more like covid than keto flu. You should be fine with eliminating covid unless your blood type is A+ or AB+.

Keto flu starts with feeling pain in the legs as they are starved for glucose. Once the pain goes away in the legs. Then you’re burning fat as fuel. Only people with metabolic syndrome experience worse keto flu symptoms as their body is cleaning up the years of self-abuse.

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Sounds more like covid than keto flu

Yay! It’s not the keto flu!

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The keto “flu” symptoms are light-headedness, dizziness, headache, and constipation. They are actually symptoms of low sodium intake. What you are experiencing is the keto-adaptation phase of the diet, as your muscles reactivate the fat-metabolising pathways that were deactivated during your years of eating a high-carbohydrate diet. The period of adaptation generally runs for six to eight weeks (in most cases), and you should be feeling energetic again soon, as your muscles re-adapt to metabolising fatty acids in place of glucose. Right now, they are using ketone bodies, but they really prefer fatty acids. You should gradually return to your pre-keto energy levels over the next few weeks.


If it was the real flu you’d be in bed wishing you were either unconscious or dead. Flu’s not fun!