I'm new: The more I learn the less I know

(Bob M) #21

It’s like this:

I’m at the later stages of “Knowledge”. The more I know, the less I know.


I have had quite a good day. No snacking, my numbers have been on target, and I liked my net calorie intake. This thread has been helpful.

(Susan) #23

That is great, Murrill =).

(traci simpson) #24

That’s very confusing for me because KETO is high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. I’m not eating fat to satisfy a calorie number, I eat it if I’m not satisfied after eating a meal or something.

(mole person) #25

That’s fine. What I was saying was that it’s ok for people to be eating lower calories when they are overweight as long as they are satisfied. The fat from their body will be topping up their fuel needs. There is no reason to think metabolic slowdown will occur under these circumstances.

What I’m saying is that there is no good reason for any overweight person to be actively trying to fill a fat macro when they want to lose body fat. Fat is our fuel on keto. We should eat as much as we need to be satisfied and not any more.

(Bob M) #26

I definitely agree with this. If you’re not hungry, there’s no reason to eat anything else just to meet some macro. I’ve been doing this almost 6 years now, and have no idea what my macros are. Moreover, they change all the time. I can eat shrimp, canned fish, and mussels for “lunch”, and that will be very low fat, higher protein. As long as I’m not hungry, there’s no reason to add anything just because I’m not making my “fat macro”.

(hottie turned hag) #27

Are you me? :grinning:

I gained after menopause too, had zero history of being fat.

Keep it simple, with my anx (and ocd) I find it stressful to count/log/track.

If you keep carbs very low and do nothing else you’ll prob do great. That’s how I did/do it and my loss was rapid, steady and sustained (2 yrs in now).

(traci simpson) #28

Well here’s’ the problem because sometimes eating to satiety is not a lot of food for me. Then I have to worry about not eating enough calories which might change my metabolism. I haven’t lost a lot of weight so this could be a big deal for me.

(Bob M) #29

That’s a difficult situation. Have you listened to this?

It may take a while to return to being in a reduced inflammation state. You might also have to give up dairy, if you’re eating it. Maybe even try metformin.

So, it’s unclear whether your metabolism is or is not shutting down by eating fewer calories, if you’re full. It could be something else.


I’m not counting calories, per se, but I want to have enough calories. My history is to restrict & eat an insufficient amount followed by a binge. I’ve worked very hard to alter that behavior over the last several months. Going to keto was a bit of a shake up, but I believe I took corrective action by coming here. Yesterday was a very, very good day. I don’t eat out of hunger (usually); I eat to answer anxiety. I need to remain mindful of that.

(mole person) #31

That’s a good thing. It means that your body is satisfied to eat your own body fat. When you give it more food fat you’re basically saying ”Nah, eat this food fat instead, we’ll save the hip fat for another day…again."

There is literally zero evidence that this will happen when someone is eating to satiety on a ketogenic diet.

I ate an average of sub 1300 calories a day for over a year and my metabolism actually increased. I just ate to my appetite. Some days 800 calories and some (rarely) 2000 calories. Just ignore the calories. That’s not how the diet works.

(Polly) #32

Yes yes yes!!Well said!!!

(traci simpson) #33

that makes sense. I’ll just eat how my body wants me to eat.


I’ve taken note of feedback I have received here, and I am pleasantly surprised by how easily I adapted to three meals, no snacking, etc. If my scale is to be believed (always questionable, but it’s what I have) I have had one-pound losses each day. Not much, I realize, but enough to encourage me. It helps to have larger meals at breakfast & lunch, so I don’t need as much at dinner. Thanks to all for your input.

(traci simpson) #35

One pound a day is awesome!

(Marianne) #36

Yes, I think most of us can relate to that - really, that is conventional dieting in a nutshell.

Glad you had a good day. Most of my eating was not out of hunger but more for self medication. I would get home from work and immediately open the fridge and eat a large quantity of something - I wasn’t hungry, but more stressed. Then I’d take a nap (avoidance), have dinner two hours later and eat again after that and before going to bed.

Although I read it for years, now whenever I feel agitated or “off,” I ask myself what is going on. I’ve gotten very good at pretty much immediately identifying what is really bothering me. When I do, it seems like just that simple acknowledgment helps to calm me and bring me back to a balanced state. It’s almost like when you write something down; it no longer bounces around in your head and drives you nuts.

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #37

I look up the carbs
On the label of the food. Or do I still need to check on an app? Or can I just Google it. I have trouble with those apps because they always ask for my weight and I don’t know it.0

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #38

Same here. I used to be anorexic so I end up giving myself too little portions. Then have to snack on cheese later.

(Marianne) #39

If you have a label that gives it, I’d trust that - or you can google.

Can you take a guestimate of your weight? Doesn’t have to be 100%.