I'm just gonna start putting these in the Humor category

(Stickin' with mammoth) #21

Separated at birth! Although, I wish I had learned to clean a fish in my youth. I would have eaten a LOT more beer battered, pan fried bluegill (which as all I ever seemed to catch). Isn’t that what beer is for?

Holy moly, is there anything more fluffy and pure than freshly churned butter? We had one of those hand-cranked ice cream makers, too. Looking back, I’m not sure the labor justified the outcome, but it was an experience. Then again, if everyone had to work that hard for dessert, things would look different in doctor’s offices today.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #22

One of my aunts used to churn her own butter. I still remember the visit when she showed off her electric butter maker: it was a five-gallon jar with an electric motor that my uncle had attached to the lid to drive the paddle. Butter in minutes!!

We had plenty of eggs when visiting, because they had an egg farm. And my other aunt and uncle had a dairy farm, so plenty of fresh milk and cream. The fresh stuff tastes so much better than what the supermarkets sell. Yum!

(Stickin' with mammoth) #23

This is pretty much the trail I’ll be restricted to in Mosier for a while since it’s wide, paved, and can keep me away from Satan’s Leaf. You can hear the highway the whole gawdamned time but if I get there at dawn, I’ll only see a few local runners (and some deer!) and not the migrating tourist hordes.


(Robin) #25

Love this one.

(Edith) #26

I can be like this for a few weeks, even a month, but after that I find it too stressful and have to relax. I went through a period last year where I was very busy helping my parents, dealing with teenagers, and working. I referred to myself as “Sharp Edith,” because my senses were on heightened awareness, my mind was like a steel trap, and I was organized as heck. My husband re-phrased it as “Shark Edith.” He likes the laid back Edith better. :laughing: