I'm doing everything right and not losing weight, please help

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Absolutely Kirk, you have to reanalyze your food habits as you loose weight. Usually this will happen naturally but if you’re accustomed to filling your plate and finishing it off without listening to your body’s messages it’s easy to keep overeating as your weight drops. I take a good look at my dietary targets every two months or so. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I would do two short workouts per week of HEAVY lifting if getting ripped is your goal. There are lots of keto people who’ve said this works great. It only takes about 15 minutes twice a week. I can’t remember the name of this training style. I have read about it here on the forum so it’s here somewhere, try the bodybuilding section of the forum. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Body By Science perhaps? It is a very good read even if you don’t choose to follow the program :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m only a little past the halfway mark of my weight loss goal that started in January, but I’m sure I’d be further along if I hadn’t been exercising from the get go. Like you, my goal next to losing fat is being muscular, and have been consistently weight lifting to achieve that goal at some point. I don’t see anything wrong with trying to build muscle with exercise while losing fat with keto, especially since you mentioned you’re okay with it taking longer. My gains aren’t visible yet unless I flex, but you sure can feel the muscle growth underneath the fat, my strength has greatly improved, and I think it’s aided in my upper body re composition a bit. So, I say go for it

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I know everyone says calories dont matter blah blah blah, but Am I not getting enough and sending my metabolism into storage mode? I get about 1700 a day with a 20 min cardio and 30 min lift routine?

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Are you trying to lose weight or lose fat?

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Both I’m about 80 lbs overweight

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so you want to lose muscle and bone weight also?

Or do you want to lose fat and keep muscle and bone?

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So much this. The OP sounded like CICO, using calories and macro percentages. With calorie restriction AND beginning an exercise routine the body is possibly lowering bm to compensate.
Eat when hungry. Not a set number of calories.
Limit carbs to 20,not a percentage.
What are your subjective feelings? More energy? More mental acuity? Fewer carb cravings? How is your sleep?
I recall a podcast mentioning that when people try everything at once (if, exercise, Keto) it can actually retard progress. Be patient and trust the science.
Maybe try a fat fast.

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Maybe your body is just shifting the weight into muscle, which weighs more, but you are still actually losing fat. Try measuring your waist, etc you might be toning, and just changing your body in a positive way, actually losing fat but that it isn’t showing on the scale yet because it is turning into muscle.

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I am looking in the mirror and watching belt loops. I believe it is shrinking but slower then I would like. I will say that I no longer have a “beer gut” when I look in the mirror and I am allowed to tuck in my shirts again. I am hoping it is not fatty liver so I am just watching and waiting. If this doesn’t get rid of my belly fat I may need to cut back on alcohol. I really don’t have much fat at %19 BF and only about 6 pounds from ideal body weight so I will just keep trying to move things around for now.

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I have totally stopped drinking alcohol since being on Keto (I don’t drink often ever anyway but I don’t drink anything but water, coffee, tea with nothing added now). I thought that was what we are supposed to do when on any diet, as I have always done that when following any diet.

I will have alcohol in the future on occassion but will just have vodka in a diet pop or water when I do.

I think that trying to have as little alcohol as possible is probably best.