I'm cold all the time!

(Michelle) #1

Hi - I’m new to Keto (8 days in), new to the forum, and catching up on 2KD podcasts. So far so good, but I’m impatient and want keto-adaptation ASAP. :smile: I seem to be cold all the time. I know that it’s cold outside, but even with warm clothes and a blanket, I am cold all the time, even indoors.

Anyone else have this happen in the beginning?

thanks all, happy to join the group.


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If you’re 8 days in, that could be a symptom of carb withdrawal? (Keto flu) just a thought. I experienced similar feelings.

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

I was very very cold at first too. I started October 1st. It didn’t help that I had recently also shaved most of my head. I would have to sleep with a hoodie and extra blankets.

It got better, and I felt warmer if I ate some fat. Like if I noticed my hands were all of the sudden cold eating some pure fat helped.


I consistently get cold when my calories are low, which I often do purposefully from fasting or under-eating in general, but when I increase my calories by adding substantially more fat and raising my protein to levels around 1 gram per kilogram of lean body mass, I feel fine.

Recently, I was “cold” here in Florida with daily temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit averaging about 1,500 calories per day, but then I upped to a single meal on Saturday morning around 1,200 calories and even though it was in the 40’s I was in a short sleeve shirt and pants all day. That is typical for me… individual results will vary. :wink:

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

Try a little more fat, preferably coconut oil for fast results. The MCT’s in the coconut oil are rapidly converted to energy.


Do you warm up if you eat something? Also, try focusing on your breathing when you feel cold. It helps me to warm up when I take nice full breaths.

(Larry Lustig) #7

Sounds like you may not be eating enough.

The goal is not to reduce your consumption of calories. The goal is to give your body all the energy it wants, but in the form of fat, not carbohydrates. (Calorie limitation will come, but later, after you’re body has learned to consume your own body fat for fuel).

Try eating something fatty and see if you feel better after a half-hour.

(Michelle) #8

thanks everyone for the great tips!! I will implement now. Have a great week.

(Richard Morris) #9

When we are short on calories - the heating is one of the first things we shut down. In the early days when you’re not really efficient at moving energy from body fat to energy consumers … you can get a slight shortfall in energy.

Try eating just a teaspoon of coconut oil, or even butter. Some of the fats in those require very little processing and are turned into energy very easily. If you find like 15 mins after eating a teaspoon of a simple fat like that, that you warm up all of a sudden then that’s what was causing it.

Cold hands and feet
(Jake P) #10

I usually joke that I run hot, and I’m not bothered by the cold, This winter I am freezing all the time.

(thefeatherdustersllc) #11

Love that, thank you.

(Becky Searls) #12

OMG. SO COLD ALL THE TIME. I imagine its because of the weight loss for me? 25 pounds in 2 months is quick. I basically wear 2+ layers at all times now. I also have taken over all of my husband’s wool socks and sometimes just wear my down coat around the house lol. Does this ever moderate???

(jketoscribe) #13

A good bit of that loss is probably water weight, not even fat, so it’s not as if you suddenly lost all of your body insulating fat. As Richard points out above, when you are not eating enough calories, your body starts taking steps to reserve resources, and body heat goes first. You don’t necessarily want to undereat calorie-wise–it’s not ideal for this metabolic approach as it can down-regulate your thyroid and slow weight loss. Even if you are fasting, you should try to reach your macros when you are “feasting”. That should help warm you up. Fat is your friend.

(Richard Morris) #14

Yeah the real trick is to lose weight by increasing your access to energy so your body runs HOTTER.

(Kathy L) #15

I have been eating LC for 1.5 years & still occasionally get cold hands AND feet! Do you listen to the podcast “KetoTalk”? I have listened to all of them (as well as 2KetoDudes) - and Doc Nally has said that cold hands & feet are caused by not eating enough. Who knew? When I am cold, I go have a cheese sandwich ( 2 slices of cheese spread with butter) At first I thought that sounded gross - but it is YUMMY!!

(Steven Robbins) #16

I’ve lost over 40 lbs doing this and I’m always cold now hah

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #17

One of my fav sandwiches pre and post keto!

(johnp71) #18

Any suggestions if you’re fasting and you’re cold? I do 16:8 IF and I don’t want to break my fast.

(Joel Abdul) #19

I do 16/8 and 24 hr fasts. I drink homemade bone broth (in moderation 1 cup or so), it has minimal amount of calories so I don’t count it as breaking my fast. I mean, we’re fasting here…It’s not supposed to be torture. Lol


If you don’t want to eat anything, I’d suggest bodyweight-based resistance training since no special equipment is required.

Timothy Ferriss refers to simple exercises in the context of before and after meals in order to reduce muscle glycogen that can be done in a restaurant bathroom for example, but Mark Sisson has videos online for similar exercises that are scalable for any strength and/or fitness level.


I don’t do this as regularly as I should, but I can say that it works for me to the point of sometimes going from feeling cold to actually being flushed and feeling warm.