I'm an idiot apparently

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Well she was never a drinker, so she really didn’t have to give that up…
Which is great for me, as you will likely never meet anybody who despises alcohol like I do !
I’m like 1000% anti alcohol. Hate everything about that drug ! I’ve read a couple things in the alcohol section… And had to bite my tongue util it was bleeding ! :slightly_smiling_face: Lol


Try an orange extract. I use it sparingly “10 eye dropper drops” to a glass adjust to taste.

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If you do drink, think about upping your saturated fat content (say, cream) and avoiding PUFAs. I will sometimes drink a white Russian, which is vodka, coffee liquor, and cream in equal parts. Yes, coffee liquor has carbs in it, don’t shoot me. I have one drink every week at most, and lately I’ve been busting my butt doing house renovation projects, so a minor amount of carbs don’t hurt me.


Re. the weed. It stimulates appetite. And everything you eat tastes better.
My husband was basically allowed to come home from the hospital - to die. It’s a long story. He had not eaten in 6 weeks, and he literally was a skeleton within bags of skin, couldn’t sit because it hurt a lot because there was no cushion on his butt. No fat, no muscles, nothing. He was continuously nauseous, just a far away scent of food would make him gag. It was awful. They tried every drug known to man in the hospital, including that synthetic THC. Nothing worked.

Last resort, I made some Cannabutter (it’s legal here). He could not swallow, so I convinced him yo lay just a little butter on his tongue, and then roll it around coating his mouth. Guess what? it worked. I had him drinking Orange juice that day. Gave him a variety of juices for a couple of days and he perked up. Gave him some boost (drink). Then I got out the Vitamix and started making liquids for him. Liquified meat, spinach, heavy cream, before long all kinds of things went into that vitamix. I gave him cannabutter 3 x a day, let it start to work, and followed with a full meal, albeit liquefied. Over time, made the liquids thicker, added in tiny chunks of stuff. A month later he ate a steak, asparagus bathed in butter, a baked potato smothered in sour cream. He started to develop some fat deposits and muscle. Since I was after weight gain and replenishing completely used up tissue, he also drank a lot of juices. He ended up enjoying food again and soon was getting PT and learned to walk again. After 3 months he walked into the doc’s office, looking his old self and surprised everyone there.

Unfortunately the cancer this all started with spread, and in the end, he did die. He had gained a year and a half of good health and vigor, doing everything he loved to do.

That was the experience that turned me into a weed advocate. Obviously there are going to be some folks who don’t tolerate it well, just like with everything else. But nothing, nothing at all, tops it when one needs an appetite stimulant and to combat nausea.

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Velvet, Im so sorry for all you have been through. But yes, I could not agree more ! I’m also a HUGE advocate for medical marijuana. I have zero problem with it for recreational use either. Unlike alcohol which I absolutely despise.

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A lot of places now have splits of brut champagne. That is my favorite. There is also White Claw, hard seltzer water (unsweetened), that is very good. Only 2g. carbs in a can.

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Big Hugs to you Velvet. I am sure that he really enjoyed that extra time with you and your family, that you were able to share with him, though.

Thank goodness you thought of that.

I think for medical reasons it is very sound; and for recreational use I am not against it, as long as it is used responsibly and not abused.
My hubby had brain shunt surgery December 16th and he was gifted some edibles (cookies, and chocolate bars) from my daughter’s friend as an early Christmas gift to help him with the pain, etc. and he found that they really helped him post-op. He was also taking his Morphine, so we were not letting him go near stairs, etc during that time either though, for safety.

I have seen too many people that abuse it, using it too much, who have developed psychosis from doing so, and also some other addiction issues that stemmed from over using it. It is like with many things in life, some things are fine in moderation. I know that Chris hates alcohol because of his father being an alcoholic, but I myself have occasional drinks and I have never had a problem doing that. I don’t get wasted (not since some stupidity in university many years ago), and I am just giggly and funny (my kids love it when I have a few drinks).

For me, it is just an occasional thing, just like the weed can be for some people if used once in a while. It is legal here in Canada as well, although many people were partaking it regularly even before it was.

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Yea, ya know its funny, I don’t know if you would consider it, “abusing it”… But for the 5 years leading up to 4 years ago, I smoked and ate a TON of THC products, often all day long… Then, started going out with my straight laced GF and stopped completely at the drop of a hat. Apparently I was not addicted, huh ? Still kind of miss it though. I just felt like it was better if my GF and I were on the same page.

She knows I.m 100% pro marijuana though. Actually she is too, for medical use, unfortunately, she can’t handle the effects.


It is not that use creates psychosis, but it may unleash underlying psychosis. Correlation is not causation. Various drugs will trigger outbreaks of things people were susceptible to, while other people experience no such thing.

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A few of my son’s friends have schizophrenia now from excessive use -but it was from being major pot heads and from a young age too, according to the doctors/research. Under 25 it has different effects for that then people over that age.

My husband is 55, and even though there is extensive family history of mental health issues (many suicides, including his brother -who had psychosis and my hubby has Bipolar) smoking weed does not cause psychosis for him. He was gifted the edibles because I don’t allow smoking of any kind in the house, and he always does it in his back shed, so that is why my daughter’s friend gave him the edibles, so that he didn’t have to leave the house.

Genetics/family history of psychosis and age are all factors for sure.