I'm a newbie

(Sharon) #1

So I started 3 weeks ago and my weight is fluctuating. I read a few posts and it sounds like even though I’m in ketosis my body has not adjusted to burning fat. I felt awful last week in a fog no energy. I’m using an app to track everything I eat, called carb manager. i got the keto test strips and according to them I’m in moderate ketosis. I’m not loosing weight yet and i thought I would… I’m not hungry all the time since stopping sugar and carbs. When will i feel better? The only supplement I’m using is a powder from KETO and a brownie bar from the same company. any advise would be appreciated not sure if I’m doing this right.

(James Petrowicz) #2

Increasing salt intake helps fight the fog and no energy. Not sure what powder you are taking, but I can tell you that is not needed. You may not see any weight loss until you are fat adapted. It takes time, and patience. You should look around here as that will help you get some insights.

(Sharon) #3

Yea I am reading what i can here. and I have increased my salt intake. Inever salted anything and avoided it completely before.

(Regina) #4

This is a great link.

(Steve Spencer) #5

Following I’m a newbie also

(Sharon) #6

I’m using an app called Carb manager here the link. https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/wombat-apps-llc/id396778360?mt=8
Anyone know if this is an accurate tracker. So far its been great i can scan food, enter resturants ect. shows my macros.

(Bob M) #7

I know I’m going against the grain (ha!) here, but I think macros are useless. Eat real food, reduce your carbs, avoid all seed oils, avoid anything sweet for as long as you can. I personally wouldn’t do bullet proof coffee or other high fat foods where you’re just adding fat, unless you’re doing it to replace breakfast and lunch. No fat bombs or anything similar, unless you’re exercising a ton and have to make up calories.

(Carl Keller) #8

Welcome to the forum. There’s a lot of biased research that says salt is bad and there’s a lot that says otherwise.

_But some of DiNicolantonio’s points do make a certain intuitive sense.

“If you look at some of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet, the Japanese diet, these are not low-salt diets,” he says. “And many countries with the lowest rates of death due to heart disease eat very salty diets — countries like Japan, France and South Korea.”_

Certainly there’s other factors to consider when discussing deaths from heart disease but it’s pretty convincing that salt is made out to be a bigger villain than it really is. You would not expect one of the countries that consumes the highest amount of salt per person in the world, would also have the greatest life expectancy, but it does (Japan).

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #9

When you first start Keto, you lose water weight due to your body depleting the glycogen from your muscles and liver.

The test strips are a bit redundant, they are only measuring wasted ketones from your urine. You can get purple readings just from being dehydrated. The strips are used to test ketoacidosis for diabetics, they are quite useless for the keto diet.

You will not begin burning real fat until fat adapted, which can take upwards of 6-8 weeks without too much metabolic damage. That is where the magic happens. You need to hang in there and keep to a strict <20g a day carbs. Meet your protein goals and eat fat to satiety.