If you're trying the pork belly recipe by Richard Morris

(Bob M) #1

When I was at ketofest 2022, I LOVED the pork belly recipe by Richard Morris, and I usually do not eat pork belly (I eat a lower fat keto diet). So, I made it this weekend.

Here are some notes:

  • Don’t forget the garlic (I did).
  • For the second part of the recipe, where you take off the salt cap, raise the temperature, and cook for 40 minutes, watch it. I only cooked mine about half the time, and crisped the skin too much. It was a challenge to eat. (At ketofest, the skin was perfect – crispy but only somewhat so; mine was a really tough to eat, such that my wife and kids generally did not eat it.) The rest of it came out perfect, though. I do have a “fancy” oven with fan, but I used a mode that is supposed to be for roasting meat.

By the way, the fried chicken recipe by Carl was also fantastic. (I did not try the mu shu pork recipe, which was the third one.)