If you need to eat while driving a car



Then it may be time to pull over and consider what is really happening.

There are Government TV advertisements that warn against texting on a phone while driving a car.

Eating while driving, especially, if a half missed bite falls into you lap, is dangerous to society.

Nutritional ketosis obliterates the hunger driven need to snack, thus making our roads safer.

Do you know of anyone who eat drives? And even worse, they do so without thinking?

Can you do keto without coffee? Why not?
(Rebecca ) #2

Your post reminded me about a trip I took last week…I was driving myself for 5 1/2 hours and all I needed was fluid…I didn’t eat anything!!! It was my first solo car trip since starting Ketogenic Eating in mid-June. It may have been because I usually fast from @ 7:00 pm - @ 1:00 -2:00 pm the following day…whatever the case…that used to be unheard of for me…I was a chronic “snacker” before!!


I remember one time when I rode my bike (I can’t drive a car)… I rode it for 17 hours only with a few, typically super quick stops (I peed once). I made sure it was something safe to eat (it’s not even easy to eat stuff on a bike, I always wear a full face helmet, safety first but tiny pieces are doable) and traffic was non-existent.
Fasting is easy, I need water way more frequently, even on a bike. I don’t know why I ate. Probably because I could and the road was too straight and boring. Whatever, one single time of many joyful rides.

My SO drives a car, he eats only if there’s no traffic (or the car is stopped) and I give him a bite sized something. It’s quite rare and isn’t needed (but I might eat up the food alone). Homo sapiens specimen are supposed to be able to fast for pretty long and it’s no big deal to stop sometimes anyway.
We don’t need frequent eating on any diet, just big meals. But fat adaptation made my meals even less frequent. The timing is important though, I usually need to eat in the afternoon and only then. But one surely can solve their eating problems during the time of travel when needed instead of doing dangerous things.

If it’s a long drive, one needs to stop now and then anyway so they can eat then.
If it’s a short drive, I think it’s a big problem if snack is needed, abnormal. If the one is somewhat healthy, waiting should work and the need for a snack shows a significant problem and I’m sure the WOE if the problem in most cases. I am very controlled on my right WOE and an undisciplined glutton on a very wrong one. A good diet can solve more we would think.

(Susan) #4

Wow, that is incredible!!


I’ll have you know I can drive, change podcasts, eat and shift a 13sp with no conscious effort.


I drove about 20 hours to Boston and 20 hours back last week. I was making great time and didn’t want to stop as I wanted to make each trip all in the same day.

I did eat while driving. I had beef jerky, cheese sticks, cheese cubes, a couple plain burger patties, a sausage patty folded in half, a hard boiled egg, and pork rinds.

Compared to before I was keto, I would eat foods that really often required two hands:
pizza, giant burgers, ribs (yes ribs), hot dogs, etc.

So keto has actually made me a safer driver! :wink::roll_eyes:

('Jackie P') #7

A friend once had a minor accident whilst reaching for a Mars bar on the back seat of her car! Carbs can kill😶

(Susan) #8

Another NSV for you!! Hehe =).


Does that mean reorganising 13 spaniels in a car as travelling down a highway?


Story time, going off topic is living according to my SO and I never even thought of my bike in a long, long time :cry:.

Unusually long and tiring even on a comfortable bike but nothing really special. It was some competition (visiting places all over my small country) and I had to ride again for several hours after a few hour sleep :smiley: There was a shorter third day too but with more sleep. Me and my SO were the super slow ones and we wanted to get home the first day but it was very long from the start, we rode for hours after dark and my bike had weak lights… There were forests with animals on the road, my speed dropped even more… I actually sped up in villages where I saw the road well (it doesn’t mean I was crazy in the villages, I was extremely slooow outside). Oh it was fun, one year we rode in rainy weather almost all the time. I have a small cruiser and at one point my top speed became super low because of the strong wind. But riding in the rain in summer is still not so bad, cold rain in November as a passenger, for hours… That’s hell, no matter the speed. We bought a car a bit later.
But I’m glad I have perspective. That’s useful, I see that often. I appreciate my carb limit much more and see how much freedom I have since I tried a super low one.


The driving study completed by researchers at the Griffith Health Institute required male and female participants to operate a driving simulator while attempting three different tasks in comparison to their baseline (no distraction) test drive. The tasks while driving were drinking water only, drinking water and eating a six inch Subway sandwich and drinking water and sending text messages.

It seems what is being eaten is important to minimise distraction from driving. But if we eat foods mindlessly (not distracted) then that is not good in terms of other aspects of eating.

I think eating and driving seems a unique set of circumstances. And I wonder if there is something about driving that might actually induce eating? Maybe in some people?


Many people eat out of boredom so on long treks like mine, I can see how that could happen. I wasn’t bored though and made very conscious efforts to eat on my predetermined schedule.


You know it! haha


It does bother me also because they are acting selfish and the majority of people also have such short attention spans. Hence the need for food and stimulants (music, caffeine, etc…). I always wonder when driving how 99% people even obtained their license.

I could never eat while driving since I enjoy driving and sitting restricts blood flow near the waist. Doesn’t make sense to eat while driving if it may contribute to atherosclerosis.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #15

Waaat? So I take it you eat all your meals standing at the kitchen counter? And what makes you think if you eat sitting down will contribute to atherosclerosis development and where exactly? I got atherosclerosis in my legs from standing in front of a stove or counter all day for most of my teen to early retirement years. I ate sitting down usually but not always. My arteries are clean as a whistle from my waist up to my brain (been scanned).

That said if I have a long trip I cut a bunch of salami or pepperoni slices and some cheese cubes to eat while driving. Sometimes I even drink coffee! And I don’t think that I am causing any risk to others doing so or that I’m being selfish. And I love driving too, so much so that I hate stopping to eat. Oh, and I listen to music with Bluetooth on my hearing aids pretty loud with the microphones that pick up external sound muted!

Shocker…you don’t have to be able to hear to drive, get a special license or inform your insurance company even if you’re stone deaf in the USA. And driving while dumb seems to be perfectly acceptable in these modern times everywhere. Blindness could be an issue in your state, check local state laws to be sure before driving blind:joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:

(Troy) #16

Nothing to see here Folks :grimacing:
I know I can make an ever-so awesome pork rind crust with all the crumbs collected from under my driver seat :weary:
Just sayin

(Rebecca ) #17



Seems like you want your bad behavior rewarded. I’ve been a passenger where the driver eats or texts and they always swerve after driving into oncoming traffic or slam on their breaks because they didn’t notice the red light. It’s always the same type of arrogant mentality that disregards the safety of others while having a history of collisions. It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed.

Atherosclerosis starts in the back because the blood vessels are thinner there. Hence the back pain many lenient slobs complain about.

I’m sure we can agree that if they didn’t hand out driver licenses like candy. Then vehicles wouldn’t sell and the economy would be the same as it is in developing countries. Same thing with all this medical crap doctor mind games for lenient slobs eating themselves to death.

I’m aware what I’m saying will offend many but in reality being around slobs and strict people is a lot worse than what I’ve written here. Quite suffocating to say the least.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #19

And what bad behavior would that be?

Like Germany?

So we generally don’t tolerate fat shaming and judgmental observations about people with food addictions and eating disorders. You’re absolutely right about one thing there, you’re pretty offensive and you sound pretty strict too. :cowboy_hat_face: