If you have been thinking about Sous Vide

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{I know their is a SV forum section, but not sure how many of you go there ?}

Anyway, I have used my VPCOK SV machine about 10 X’s in the few weeks that Ive had it… In fact, its doing a 40hr cook of beef brisket right now :slight_smile: …and I just freaking LOVE this thing :slight_smile: At only $73, it is maybe the best money I have spent on cooking gear… ever !?

Thinking of buying another one for a back up, or even for doing SV on two different things at the same time… At Thanksgiving, or Christmas maybe.

I’m sure that Anova and some of the more expensive ones do a great job as well, but after having such great success with my “cheapie” I cant see spending any more than $75 on one. Heck, a week after I got mine, I saw the same VPCOK drop to $58 ! Should have got another one right then… But hadn’t tested this one enough yet.

Forgot to add the link… And also wanted to say, when I bought mine, it was listed as 1100wts… not 1000 ? So I don’t know if their was a change, or a typo was corrected somewhere. But I’m going to check on that… Not that it would make a big difference either way.

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I read a lot about sous vide from Dave? (forget who’s the king of sous vide here), and I have to say, it is intriguing. Do you take a blow torch to it to finish? Will have to research more.


I briefly looked at Sous Vide, but after seeing a few people bragging about their results after cooking for 72 hours, my excitement was quickly squashed.

Me, I’m a microwave junkie. :slight_smile:

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I do ! :grinning: I got a hard core “military grade” (ok, not really, but) flame thrower from Harbor Freight for only $28 with spark ignition starter. Works great :slightly_smiling_face:
And what’s even better (super convenient) is that I got a propane splitter for the big tank on our BBQ grill, and one side goes to the torch. So I can use the torch and the surface of the grille, for a place to lay the meat when searing, without having to move, or disconnect anything :slightly_smiling_face:
Lovin’ it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Ogre, you do know that some things can be cooked very well, in as little as 1-2 hours, right ?

But here’s the deal with that… If your okay spending $10-15 a lb on super premium, tender cuts of meat, great ! Those will probably be perfect in 90 min.
The reason people cook some things for 40-72 hours, or even longer, is to make cheaper, tougher cuts, fall apart, fork cutting tender :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll tell you, all up until I got my SV machine, I was not very confident with anything but hamburgers, or $10-12 a lb beef Ribeyes.

Now when I pick up a big, beautiful Ribeye at the store, I have to stop and remind myself, like… "Wait ! WTF am I thinking ? I can get this $4 a lb Chuck roast, and make it even more tender and tasty than most of the Ribeyes I ever cooked !
Or $3 a lb beef brisket… Whatever. I bet I could make freaking bull horns and hooves tender if I cooked them for 2 weeks :grinning: lol

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I have a cheapie - it looks exactly like yours, but the brand name is Malaha- I got it on Amazon 2 yrs ago when I wasn’t sure I’d really use it. I do; as indispensable as my Instant Pot; and after 2 yrs it’s going strong. I didn’t want one reliant on Internet because mine goes out regularly. You don’t have to spend big bucks to sous vide.

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FishChris I like to buy chuck eye steaks and sous vide them for about 4-8 hours at 130°, individually vacuum sealed. Then I cool them and throw in the freezer until I need something for my propane grill. Or I’ll brown them well in butter and garlic first, sous vide and then freeze - makes a quick meal when reheated. Either way sous vide brings the quality of an inexpensive cut like chuck eye right up there with ribeye.

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Thanks for the link! When I went to look it had a coupon for 40% off. SCORE!! Can’t wait for it to come!