If you don't have anything nice to say

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Three miles from my house. Ive never been there though.


Love it! I remember my dad signed us kids up for a BASIC class at the local Radio Shack after he bought our first computer. This had to be around 1980. In my memory it was a Tandy (because it came from Radio Shack, I guess), but I dont know that for sure. The only detail I remember is that we used cassette tapes for storage. LOL!

Eventually moved on to the Commodore 64 and Apple IIe. I spent a LOT of time on that Commodore 64 playing Ultima III when I was 12 years old.

(Carissa JB) #168

I hope you keep coming back :sparkling_heart:

(Darren Conway) #169

Man, I hear you on the cost. I can do better than that. I got mine for free, for signing up on the family plan with MetroPCS.

They generously gave me, my wife and daughter a ZTE Blade Z Max! Which, according to my current government, is a Chinese spy phone, I guess.

My son decided to spend $50 more and upgrade to the LG Stylo 3, because he had actually heard of LG and not this ZTE nobody. :grin: That, or he just likes K-Pop. :wink:

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Would you, after your thread devolved into computer reminiscing?
I hope @Queenv likes computers. :grin:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I remember doing that, too! Mine was a Commodore 64

(Wendy) #173

Great summery!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #174

C64 was the first computer I owned. The PET we had at school, and it was the first computer I wrote code for.


Super fun!

(Mic Cullen) #176

I think youve nailed it.

The first computer code I wrote was for a PDP-11. #MAINFRAMESFTW!

(Kirk) #177

I used to write stuff in DCL for microVaxs

(Mic Cullen) #178

Mine was a moon lander at school :slight_smile:

(Kirk) #179

That soulds cool. You actually got to write code to simulate a landing?

Mine were process control computers operating at level two to the level one PLC (programmable logic controllers) on the machines.

(Mic Cullen) #180

Really really really REALLY basic stuff (so to speak :slight_smile:

I would love to have gone on with it as a career, but undiagnosed ADHD (not that it was really known about back then anyway) made it pretty much impossible. (It did get diagnosed last month, at 54, so I guess better late than never :slight_smile:

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I created a thread under the humor (this is spelt wrong by the way) category. Without minimizing the intent of this thread,its meant to be a place for the misunderstood to spread their wings. Baytovin, Terrance, TJ, Mic, you know who you are. You fat bastards

Its If you dont have anything ig-nert to say奸

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Im easily distracted what was that again? :smiling_imp:

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Totally agree, Mic. **** them.

With the Samsung Note 9 just coming out, I figured the older models would take another step down in price. Hope so - I am watching the market. For now I still use a flip phone (my employer gives it to me for free).

(Mic Cullen) #184

Theyre pretty awful in terms of pricing down here as well. Im def on the cheap but good bandwagon.

(Kirk) #185

Interesting. My kids tell me I have ADHD, and the nurses I worked with when I was the Maintenance Director at a rehab facility, my last full time gig before semi-retirement, said I was on the spectrum as well. Its always worked well for me. I hyper-focus and excel at whatever is my passion at the time. I did well as a pilot, trades related tech stuff, scuba diver and firefighter. I believe, if you can harness it, it can be a good thing.