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We went to Bletchley Park a couple of Summers ago.
(you may have heard of it because of the Enigma codebreaking there during WWII)
They have the National Computer Museum there too, so Mr B went round it.

and came out quite traumatised.
His first computers and games and gadgets were laid out, enshrined as historical artifacts.

He still hasn’t fully recovered. (he is 53 yrs old) :rofl:

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(Allie) #166

Three miles from my house. I’ve never been there though.


Love it! I remember my dad signed us kids up for a BASIC class at the local Radio Shack after he bought our first computer. This had to be around 1980. In my memory it was a Tandy (because it came from Radio Shack, I guess), but I don’t know that for sure. The only detail I remember is that we used cassette tapes for storage. LOL!

Eventually moved on to the Commodore 64 and Apple IIe. I spent a LOT of time on that Commodore 64 playing Ultima III when I was 12 years old.

(Carissa JB) #168

I hope you keep coming back :sparkling_heart:

(Darren Conway) #169

Man, I hear you on the cost. I can do better than that. I got mine for free, for signing up on the family plan with MetroPCS.

They generously gave me, my wife and daughter a ZTE Blade Z Max! Which, according to my current government, is a Chinese spy phone, I guess.

My son decided to spend $50 more and upgrade to the LG Stylo 3, because he had actually heard of LG and not this ZTE nobody. :grin: That, or he just likes K-Pop. :wink:

(Darren Conway) #170

Would you, after your thread devolved into computer reminiscing?
I hope @Queenv likes computers. :grin:

(Darren Conway) #171

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I remember doing that, too! Mine was a Commodore 64

(Wendy) #173

Great summery!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #174

C64 was the first computer I owned. The PET we had at school, and it was the first computer I wrote code for.


Super fun!

(Mic Cullen) #176

I think you’ve nailed it.

The first computer code I wrote was for a PDP-11. #MAINFRAMESFTW!

(Kirk) #177

I used to write stuff in DCL for microVaxs

(Mic Cullen) #178

Mine was a moon lander at school :slight_smile:

(Kirk) #179

That soulds cool. You actually got to write code to simulate a landing?

Mine were process control computers operating at ‘level two’ to the ‘level one’ PLC (programmable logic controllers) on the machines.

(Mic Cullen) #180

Really really really REALLY basic stuff (so to speak :slight_smile:

I would love to have gone on with it as a career, but undiagnosed ADHD (not that it was really known about back then anyway) made it pretty much impossible. (It did get diagnosed last month, at 54, so I guess better late than never :slight_smile:

(Kirk) #181

I created a thread under the humor (this is spelt wrong by the way) category. Without minimizing the intent of this thread,it’s meant to be a place for the misunderstood to spread their wings. Baytovin, Terrance, TJ, Mic, you know who you are. You fat bastards

It’s “If you don’t have anything ig-nert to say…l

(Candy Lind) #182


I’m easily distracted … what was that again? :smiling_imp:

(Doug) #183

Totally agree, Mic. **** them.

With the Samsung Note 9 just coming out, I figured the older models would take another step down in price. Hope so - I am watching the market. For now I still use a flip phone (my employer gives it to me for free).

(Mic Cullen) #184

They’re pretty awful in terms of pricing down here as well. I’m def on the “cheap but good” bandwagon.